Neuroscience is one of the most exciting and fastest growing scientific fields, it lends itself to be studied across many disciplines, and it asks some of the most fundamental questions in science today.

Neuroscience can provide insights into a myriad of aspects including consciousness, emotional processing, dysfunctional brain circuits and psychopathology, and neurobiological perspectives on creativity.

Is This Program For You?

It’s a good fit if you study:

  • Biology
  • Psychology
  • Pre-Medicine/Health Science
  • Neuroscience

Through DIS, I have been exposed to facets of the neuroscience field that I never would have considered as career opportunities. Our courses are unique and widespread: topics from neuroplasticity to the networks of fear allow us to hear from professors with a diverse range of backgrounds and occupations. Coupled with academic visits and Program Study Tours in European cities where we interact with world-renowned experts in the field, this program has helped me consider my future in a whole new light.”

– Miranda, University of Virginia

Core Courses