Start Your Planning

Faculty-Led and customized programs typically take place in the summer, starting as early as May to the end of July, depending on each respective institution’s schedule. DIS will work with you to schedule a program that fits your needs. Your program can take place for a period of time ranging from as short as seven to ten days, to as long as three to four weeks.

When to Start Planning with DIS

  • January to June*: Begin your inquiry with DIS if you would like to work with us on a Faculty-Led or customized program in the following year (i.e., inquiries about 2019 should begin between January and June, 2018)
  • December 1: Agreements will be finalized for programs taking place in the following year by this date

*Inquiries can never occur too early! We are happy to start discussions about future programming a couple of years in advance, and if early, can occur at any point in the year. There is also the possibility of attending our IEW to learn more and conduct planning meetings for future programming.