Your student is choosing between hundreds of destinations and thousands of study abroad programs worldwide. When choosing a program, there are typically several questions students ask themselves. Where? For how long? Will classes taken abroad apply toward my major and/or minor? Where can I live? What can I afford? What level of cultural immersion am I prepared for?

The best thing you can do for your student is to assist them in identifying these and other questions. Your student should next work with their home school’s study abroad advisor, academic advisor, and the DIS North American Office to answer these questions. We are happy to provide you with all the information we can, but we are certain you agree how important it is for your student to begin building the skills necessary for a term abroad by establishing independence and self-reliance right from the start – through making their own inquiries, completing necessary paperwork, researching information, and so forth. This section of the website is just for you, but our goal is to equip you with the links to information that is easily accessible by your student as well.

What Makes DIS different?

At DIS, high-quality academics and cultural engagement opportunities provide the cornerstone for a successful study abroad experience for your student. You can expect:

  • Integrated learning – course-integrated Study Tours, Field Studies, practicums, and more – connecting classroom theory with real-life, hands-on application with faculty who teach what they do
  • Excellent student service beginning with our North American Office, which advises students prior to their departure abroad, and continuing with our on-site staff in Copenhagen and Stockholm
  • Access to online resources including detailed health & safety advice, procedures, and contact information
  • No hidden costs and a transparent breakdown of DIS tuition and fees. As a non-profit organization, it is DIS policy to keep the price to a minimum while incorporating several extra benefits into the cost such as study tours, textbooks, commuting fees, and more
  • Freedom of course selection – with over 300 academically challenging courses to chose from between our Copenhagen and Stockholm semester and summer options, your student should be able to mix and match courses to meet their requirements and passions
  • A variety of housing options to encourage your student to find the best fit socially and culturally
  • Plenty of ways to meet the locals – from DIS-arranged activities to information on local sports groups, clubs, and religious networks, DIS encourages your student to successfully strike out on their own and engage with the local culture!
  • Easy credit transfer – DIS works in partnership with approximately 200 institutions, of which 80% are ‘most-’ or ‘more-selective’ institutions. DIS will advise your student based on their home school academic needs when they are registering for courses in order to ensure an easy credit transfer home at the end of the term