Meet DIS Staff

DIS – Study Abroad in Scandinavia is a Danish non-profit educational foundation governed by an external Board of Directors working closely with the Executive Director.

Executive Director Office

Malene Torp

Executive Director

Cand. scient. pol. (Political Science, U. of Copenhagen, 2001). Fulbright Scholar, New York U. (1999-2000). Director of International Business & Economics, DIS (2001-04). Academic Director, DIS (2004-2008). Visiting Scholar, University of Virginia, McIntire School of Commerce (Spring 2007), Associate Director, DIS (2008-13). Executive Director, DIS (2014-present).

DIS Executive Director, Malene Torp

Martin Hogan

Director and Special Advisor to the Executive Director

Advanced Management Program, Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania (2004); Master of Arts, St. John’s College (1991); Bachelor of Science, State University of New York (1984). Executive Vice President, Study Abroad, CIEE (2008-2012); Director of Program Development, DIS (2012-2014); Deputy Executive Director, DIS (2014-2020); Director and Special Advisor to the Executive Director, DIS (2020 – present). NAFSA Leadership Team, Public Policy and Practice (2007-2009); Board of Directors, Fund for Education Abroad (2010-2013); Chair, Forum Council, Forum on Education Abroad (2011-2014). With DIS since 2012.

DIS Deputy Executive Director, Martin Hogan


Helle Rytkønen

Academic Director

Ph.D. (Modern Thought and Literature, Stanford University, 2002). M.S. and B.S. (Political Science, University of Copenhagen). Exchange student at University of California, Berkeley, 1993-1995. Taught Anthropology, Philosophy, and Rhetoric at Stanford University, 2002-2012. Also taught classes at Hope House, a rehabilitation center in Redwood City, California for female substance abusers and criminals, 2008-2011. With DIS since 2012.

Dorte Mari Aggergaard

Faculty Development Manager

M.A. (Modern Culture & Communication, University of Copenhagen). B.A. (Art History and Pedagogy/Educational Studies, University of Copenhagen and Roskilde University). Visiting scholar at the University of Leeds and Brown University. Member of the Denmark Committee at Brown, and DIS representative at Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), and Brown. Worked for EC Safer Internet Programme, recipient of an EU Lifelong Learning Programme grant for a project on cross-cultural learning. With DIS since 2014.

DIS Academics, Dorte Mari Aggergaard

Esben Lydiksen

Learning Technology Manager

M.A. (Linguistics, University of Copenhagen, 2006). Teacher of Danish as a second language and course material developer at Studieskolen, Copenhagen. Senior consultant in online and blended learning at University of Copenhagen. With DIS since 2016.

Esben Lydiksen, Learning Technology Manager at DIS

Lisbeth Lauritzen

Senior Academic Coordinator

Trilingual Commercial Correspondent in English and French, Copenhagen Business School, 1993. Work experience as Project Administrator from private Danish consultancy firm consulting on Danish Development Support. With DIS since 2006.

Irene Ndwiga Pedersen

Academic Coordinator

VET specializing in Public Administration, Niels Brock/Copenhagen University (Faculty of Humanities), 2012-2014. Computer Programming and Networking, K.C.I.T.I - Kenya, 2000-2003. Worked as Production Assistant, Zepto Computers, 2008, Administrative Office at International Summer University Programme (Copenhagen Business School), 2014-2015, and Project/Theses Exams Coordinator at IT University, 2015-2018. With DIS since Jan 2019.

Academics / Office of Academic Support

Hilary Wilson

Academic Counselor and Registrar

M.A. (Higher Education Administration, Boston College, 2006). B.A. (Art History, Boston College, 2004). Interim Director (2017-2018) and Exchange Programs Coordinator, Office for Study Abroad, The George Washington University, 2013-2018; Coordinator for Exchanges and Partner Programs, Education Abroad Office, University of Maryland, College Park, 2010-2013; Education Abroad Program Manager, Simmons University (formerly Simmons College), 2007-2010. With DIS since 2019.

Academics / Library

Karl Weis-Fogh


Cand.scient.bibl. (Royal School of Information and Library Science, 2007). Bibliotekar DB (Royal School of Library and Information Science, 2005). Worked as a public librarian at Rudersdal Bibliokerne, 2007-2013. With DIS since 2013.

Academics / Architecture & Design, Furniture Design, Graphic Design Programs

Henning Martin-Thomsen

Program Director & Associate Academic Director

B.A. (Political Science, Aarhus University, 1985). Architect (School of Architecture, Aarhus, 1992). Visiting Researcher (Cambridge University, 1994-1995). Master of Management Development (Copenhagen Business School, 2008). Leading positions with the Ministry of Urban Affairs, Realdania, the Architects Association, the Danish Architecture Center, and Gehl Architects. With DIS 1997-2002 and since 2011.

Henning Thomsen, Program Director at DIS

Natalie Jeffers-Hansen

Assistant Program Director

M.S. (Interior Design, Pratt Institute, 2010), B.A. cum laude (Art History, English, Wellesley College, 2004). External Lecturer, Furniture Design Workshop, DIS, 2013-2016. Business Development Coordinator, Henning Larsen Architects, 2013-2016. Business Development Coordinator, BIG Bjarke Ingels Group, 2016. With DIS since 2012.

Natalie Jeffers-Hansen, Program Manager at DIS

Academics / Art & Visual Culture, Danish Language & Culture, History, Literature, Philosophy, Swedish Language & Culture Programs

Andreas Brøgger

Program Director

M.A. (Moderne Kultur og Kulturformidling, University of Copenhagen, 1997). Art critic, Dagbladet Information, 1995-1997. Editor, Hvedekorn magazine for art and poetry, 1996-2005. Visiting Scholar, Columbia University, NY, 1999-2001. Lecturer, Dept. of Art and Cultural Studies, University of Copenhagen, 2003-2006. Curator, Sorø Kunstmuseum, 2006-2009, and Nikolaj Kunsthal, 2009-2014. Director, Nikolaj Kunsthal, 2015-2018. With DIS since 2018.

Andreas Brøgger, Program Director at DIS

Anna Louise Strelis Söderquist

Assistant Program Director

Ph.D. (Philosophy, New School for Social Research, 2014). M.A. (Philosophy, New School for Social Research, New York, 2009). B.S. (Philosophy and Sociology, Northeastern University, 2004). Fulbright Alumni, US-Denmark, 2013-2014. Areas of specialization: 19th and 20th Century Continental Philosophy; Philosophy of Education; Philosophy of Dialogue; Ethics; Aesthetics; Modern Philosophy; Philosophy and Literature. With DIS since 2015.

Anna Louise Strelis Söderquist,, Assistant Program Director at DIS

Anna Sommer

Assistant Program Director

Cand.Mag. (International Business Communication, Syddansk University, 2017). B.A. (European Ethnology, University of Copenhagen, 2013). B.A. (Art History, University of Copenhagen). With DIS since 2010. Currently on maternity leave.

Anna Sommer

Sanne Rasmussen

Assistant Program Director

M.A. (History, University of Copenhagen, 2017). B.A. (History, minor in Comparative Cultural Studies, University of Copenhagen, 2014). With DIS since 2017.

Sanne Rasmussen, Program Coordinator at DIS

Anders Larsen

Faculty and Academic Consultant

Cand.mag. (History and English, University of Copenhagen, 2009) with specialization in national identity. With DIS since 2007.

DIS Housing and Student Services, Anders Georg Hagerup Larsen

Katrine Trolle

Program Coordinator

M.A. (Educational psychology, Aarhus University (DPU), 2019). B.A. (Educational science, Aarhus University (DPU), 2017). With DIS since 2019.

Academics / Biomedicine, Medical Practice & Policy, Neuroscience, and Public Health Programs

Susana Dietrich

Program Director

Ph.D. (Biomedical Sciences, University of Porto, Portugal, 2007). M.S. (Biotechnology, De Monfort University, UK, and Karolinska Institutet, Sweden, 1998), Licenciatura (Microbiology, Portuguese Catholic University, Portugal, 1997). Post-Doctorate positions in immunology and neuroimmunology (University of Lund, Sweden and University of Copenhagen, Denmark). With DIS since 2011.

Louise Bagger Iversen

Assistant Program Director

M.S. and B.S. (Public Health, University of Copenhagen, 2011/2007). Academic officer in the Planning Department (Quality and Development, Region Sjælland, 2011-2014). With DIS since 2014.

DIS Academics, Louise Bagger Iversen

Philippa Yolanda Carey

Program Coordinator

M.S. (Global Health and Development, University College London, 2017). B.A. (Healthcare and Society, University of Richmond, 2011). DIS Public Health Student, Fall 2013. DIS Science and Health Program Assistant, 2015-2016. With DIS 2015-2016 and since 2018.

Academics / Communication, Computer Science, Gender & Sexuality Studies, International Relations, Justice & Human Rights, Prostitution & the Sex Trade Programs

Iben de Neergaard

Program Director

M.A. (Social Sciences, Graduate School of Journalism, Columbia University, 2001). B.A. (Journalism & EU politics, Danmarks Journalisthøjskole & Utrecht University, 1996). Head of Communication, Cevea Think Tank, 2014-2015. Communication Consultant, Crisis & PR, 2013-2014. Team Coordinator, Danish Refugee Council, 2002-2013. Production Assistant, CNN, New York, 2001. On-Air Reporter, Producer & Anchor, DR Nyheder, Danish Broadcast Corporation, 1996-2002. Producer & Reporter, TV2 Østjylland, 1994-1995. With DIS since 2015.

DIS Academics, Iben de Neergaard

Nya Oxfeldt Jensen

Assistant Program Director

M.A. (Communication and International Development, University of Roskilde, 2001). B.A. (Business Administration, University of San Diego, 1995). Communications Advisor, Sampension, 2001-2002. Communication Advisor, Ballerup Kommune, 2002-2011. Communication Advisor, Danish Refugee Council, 2011-2016. With DIS since January 2017.

Nya Oxfeldt, Assistant Program Director at DIS

Sara Gjermandsen

Assistant Program Director

M.A. (English, University of Copenhagen, 2014). B.A. (English and Minority Studies, University of Copenhagen, 2010). Research Assistant at the Co-ordination for Gender Research at University of Copenhagen and Editorial Assistant at the research journal 'Women, Gender & Research.' With DIS since 2015.

Sara Gjermandsen, Assistant Program Director

Embla Thorsdottir

Program Coordinator

B.A. (Psychology, with a minor in History, Hawaii Pacific University, 2000). Project manager and International coordinator, Faculty of Law, University of Iceland, 2007-2014. International Team, Central administration, Professionshøjskolen UCC, 2015-2017. With DIS since 2017.

Program Coordinator at DIS, Embla Thorsdottir

Academics / Environment, Politics, Society, and Terrorism & Security programs

Neringa Bigailaite

Program Director

M.A. (Scandinavian Philology, 2005). B.A. (Lithuanian and Danish Philology, University of Vilnius, 1996). International Student Advisor, Copenhagen University (2004-2005). Lithuanian language instructor, Baltisk Oplysnings Forbund (2002-2006). Employment at DFDS Transport A/S (1997-2004). With DIS since 2005.

DIS Academics, Neringa Bigailaite

Tilde Højer Mathiasen

Associate Program Director

Cand.scient.soc. (International Development Studies & Cultural Encounters, Roskilde University, 2006). PR & Marketing Officer, 2007-2008. Interim Program Director for European Politics & Migration and Identity, 2009-2010. Associate Program Director for Psychology, 2010-2018. With DIS since 2007.

Tilde Højer, DIS

Astrid M. A. Schmidt

Assistant Program Director

Ph.D. (Ancient DNA, Ice Cores, and Climate Change, University of Copenhagen, 2011). M.S. (Conservation, evolution, and population genetics, University of Copenhagen, 2007). Post.Doc. (Centre for Ice and Climate, Niels Bohr Institute, 2011-2013). Founder of Wilderness Inspire, 2014. Consultant on citizen science and sustainable tourism with NORDECO, 2014. Sales and product manager at Arctic Friend/Culture Adventure, 2015. With DIS since 2015. Currently on maternity leave.

Assistant Program Director Astrid M. Z. Bonde

Jennifer Duncan-Bendix

Assistant Program Director

Masters of Education for Daycare and Primary School (Aarhus University, 2014). BA (Human Development and Family Studies – Early Childhood Development and Education, University of Connecticut, 2006). Assistant Program Director of Child Development and Diversity, DIS  (2014-present). Pedagogue in the International and Danish communities in Copenhagen (2008-2010). I am specifically interested in  the cross-cultural practices, discourses, and research related to how we create active and caring environments for young children. With DIS since 2007.

DIS Academics, Jennifer Duncan Bendix

Maja Sbahi Biehl

Faculty and Special Consultant

Cand.comm. (Communication and Educational Studies, Roskilde University, 2004). B.A. (Speech and Communication, San Francisco State University, 1998). Interpreter and pedagogical supervisor for Turkish youth, Farum municipality, 1999-2000. With DIS since 2005.

DIS Academics, Maja Sbahi-Biehl

Academics / Global Economics and International Business Programs

Susanne Goul Hovmand

Program Director

Cand.merc. (International Business, Copenhagen Business School, 1999). Marketing Research Consultant, Harrigan-Bodick, Inc. New York, 2000- 2001. TNS Gallup A/S Copenhagen, 2002-2006. External Lecturer, Copenhagen Business School, 2003-2005. With DIS since 2006.

Susanne Hovmand, Program Director at DIS

Alex Berlin

Program Coordinator

B.A. (International Relations, American University, 2016). DIS European Politics Program, Fall 2014. With DIS since 2016.

Alexander Berlin, Program Assistant

Academics / Psychology Program

Lars Rossen

Program Director

Cand.Psychology (University of Copenhagen, 2007). B.A. Psychology (University of Copenhagen, 2005). Psychologist and consultant at Copenhagen Municipality in various positions, 2007-2010. Consultant for Bornholm and Odense Municipalities, as well as for Den Socialpædagogiske Døgninstitution Sønderbro in Copenhagen Municipality, 2011-present. Psychological supervisor, Den sikrede instituion Stevnsfortet, Region Sjælland, 2012-present. DIS faculty member since 2011. DIS Assistant Program Director since 2018. With DIS since 2011.

Jennifer Smith

Program Coordinator

B.A. (Psychology, Classical Civilizations, Wheaton College - Massachusetts, 2015). DIS Psychology Program, Spring 2014. With DIS since 2016.

Natalie Soudani

Program Coordinator

Cand.Merc. (Business Administration & Economics, SMC (Strategic Market Creation), Copenhagen Business School, 2011). B.A. (Business Administration & Economics, Service & Events Management, 2006). With DIS since 2017.

Study Tours and Custom Programs

Charlotte Dalsgaard


Cand.mag. (English, Odense University, 2000). Teaching position (English and Danish), Copenhagen, 2002-2005). Tour Leader, EF Educational Tours, UK, 1998-2000. UK Area Manager, EF Educational Tours, Netherlands, 2000-2001. With DIS since 2005.

DIS Study Tours, Charlotte Dalsgaard

Ian Samuel Terkildsen

Associate Director of Study Tours and Custom Programs

HD (Graduate Diploma of Business Administration, Copenhagen Business School, 2015). A.P. (Economics, Copenhagen Business Academy, 2013). B.M. (Music Theory, New England Conservatory, 1999). Graduate studies in musicology (University of Copenhagen, 2000-2002). Teaching positions (USA & Denmark), since 1997. Manager of Operations, Kuoni Destination Management, 2003-2007. DIS Study Tours Assistant Director, 2007-2016. With DIS since 2007.

Ian Samuel Terkildsen, Associate Director of Study Tours and Faculty Led Programs at DIS

Zoé Kilbourne

Manager of Custom Programs

B.S. (Biomedical Science, Grand Valley State University, 2012). DIS Medical Practice and Policy Program, Spring 2011. DIS Study Tours Coordinator, 2012-2016.

DIS Study Tours, Zoe Kilbourne

Julie Uhrskov Nielsen

Manager of Study Tours

B.A.ling.merc. (American Studies & English, Copenhagen Business School, 2013). With DIS since 2010.

Allyson Mackender

Senior Study Tour Coordinator

B.A. (English, Trinity University, 2017); DIS Prostitution and the Sex Trade Program, Fall 2015. With DIS since 2017.

Stephanie Stadager

Study Tours Coordinator

M.A. (Theater Science, Performance Studies and Communication, University of Copenhagen, 2014). Four years of experience in the travel industry as a tour leader and travel coordinator. With DIS since 2017.

Marie Jo Moltrup

Study Tours Coordinator

B.A. (Leisure Management, University College Absalon 2019). ERASMUS Exchange University of Greenwich, England, 2018. Homestay intern, EF Brighton, 2018. With DIS Since 2019.

DIS-Study-Tours-Marie-Jo-Moltrup (1)

Student Affairs

Anette Frederiksen

Director of Organizational Development and Student Affairs

Cand.scient.soc. (International Development Studies & Cultural Encounters, Roskilde University, 2005). B.A. (French and English with specialization in Int. Marketing, Copenhagen Business School, 2001). Studied abroad: Université de Montpellier, France, 2001; U.S., 1991-1992). With DIS since 2004.

Housing & Student Life

Adrianne Sullivan

Director of Housing and Student Life

Cand.scient.soc. (International Development Studies & Cultural Encounters, Roskilde University, 2005). B.A. (French and English business languages with specialization in International Marketing, Copenhagen Business School, 2001). Studied abroad: L'IESEG, France, 2000; University of East London, UK, 2003. With DIS since 2002.

DIS Housing and Student Services, Adrianne Sullivan

Emily Childers Brocks

Associate Director, Housing Team

Cand.soc. (Social Work, University of Aalborg, 2010). B.A. (Gender Studies, Indiana University, 2001). Working to develop the interdisciplinary fields of academics and student affairs in study abroad. Currently the Living & Learning Community Coordinator, and a faculty member in the Gender & Sexuality program at DIS. With DIS since 2010.

Emily Childers Brocks, Housing Team Manager at DIS

Pia Nysteen

Manager, Housing & Student Life Administration

M.S. (International Public Relations and Communications, Manchester Metropolitan University and University of North Carolina at Charlotte). B.A. (Sport Management, University of Bedfordshire). Previously worked in the football industry. With DIS since 2014.

Housing: Host Team

Mia Priskorn

Manager, Host Team

Cand.scient.anth. (Social Anthropology, University of Copenhagen, 2005). Field work and Master thesis on the relationship between foreign exchange students and Danish host families in a kinship perspective. Fulbright exchangee, U.S., 1991-1992. Youth For Understanding exchangee, Argentina, 1995-1996. Has taken extended courses on conflict management and is currently studying for a Master’s degree in Conflict Mediation at the Faculty of Law, University of Copenhagen. With DIS since 2005.

DIS Housing and Student Affairs, Mia Priskorn

Jesper E. Hansen

Host Retainment Officer

Cand.Mag. (Political Science, Aarhus University, 2010). B.A. (English Language and Culture, Aarhus University, 2007). Specialization in American Politics and Culture. Previous experience in public and private fundraising as well as project management within sustainability. With DIS since 2014.

DIS Housing and Student Affairs, Jesper Hansen

Housing: Shared Housing Team

Tine Hegaard

Shared Housing Administrative Coordinator

Cand.mag, English (American Studies and Post-Colonial Studies), University of Copenhagen, 2005. Administrative Assistant, Vallensbæk Kommune, 2006-2018. With DIS since 2019.  

Karina Kuhre

Community Advisor

Cand.mag. (Culture, Communication, and Globalization, Aalborg University, 2009). B.A. (International Business Communication, Copenhagen Business School, 2005). Studied abroad: ITAM, Mexico, 2008; USAC, Chile, 2004; AFS Interkultur, Venezuela, 1996-1997. With DIS since 2011.

DIS Housing and Student Affairs, Karina Kuhre Kværnø

Faith Walgwe

Community Advisor

Cand.Scient.Tech (Operations and Innovation Management, University of Aalborg CPH, 2016) BCom. (International Business, University of Wellington New Zealand, 2003) Migration, Human Trafficking, Social Entrepreneurship and Change Management consultant. With DIS since 2019.

Amanda Wright

Community Advisor

Cand.soc. (International Relations and Development, Aalborg University, 2017). B.A. (Philosophy, The Manchester Metropolitan University, 2013). Teacher, Montessori International Preschool, 2015-17. Sustainability Engagement Officer, The Manchester Metropolitan University, 2013-15. With DIS since 2019.

Luiza Mury Scalco

Community Advisor

M.Sc. (Development and International Relations, Aalborg University, 2014). Absalon Crew at Absalon Folkethus, 2015-2016. Substitute at Grace homeless shelter (Blå Kors), 2015-2019. Fundraising Coordinator and Project Manager at GivRum, 2017-2018. With DIS since 2019.

Erika Del Cid

Community Advisor

Cand.Mag. (Advanced Migration Studies, University of Copenhagen, 2018). Immigrant Community Outreach Coordinator, Prince William County Public Schools (2012-2014). With DIS since 2019.

Student Life

Helle Gjerlufsen

Manager, Care Team

B.A. (Intercultural/international social work, Copenhagen School of Social Work, 2007). Case manager at Køge and Hvidovre kommune, 2007-2015. With DIS 1991-2000 and since 2015.

DIS Housing and Student Affairs, Helle Gjerlufsen

Carolina Sørensen

Student Life Coordinator

B.A. (E-Concept Development, Copenhagen School of Design and Technology, 2014). Theory U and HR Development Consultant and Facilitator, NLP Huset, 2016. NLP Practitioner and Master Instructor, NLP Huset, 2015-2018. NLP and Enneagram Master Coach, NLP Huset, 2015-2018. With DIS since 2018.  

Samantha Robbins

Student Life Assistant

Cand.mag. (International and Global History, Aarhus University, 2015). B.A. (History and Political Science, University of California, Los Angeles, 2012). General Manager, Mikkeller Brewing ApS, 2017-2019. With DIS since 2020.

Health & Safety

Stacey Tsantir

Director of Health & Safety

J.D. (William Mitchell School of Law, 2014). M.A. (Education Policy and Administration, University of Minnesota, 2007). B.S. (Communications and Journalism, University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire, 2002). Learning Abroad Center, University of Minnesota, 2004-2008. International Health, Safety, and Compliance, University of Minnesota, Coordinator 2008-2011; Director 2011-2015. With DIS since 2015.

Stacey Tsantir

Mary Malone

Student Finance Manager/Health & Safety Coordinator

B.A. (Journalism, University of St. Thomas, 1989). Work at Learning Abroad Center, University of Minnesota, 2002-2004). With DIS since 2004.

Mary Malone, DIS North American Operations

Stephanie Bowman

Health & Safety Coordinator

M.S.W. (Clinical Social Work, University of St. Thomas and St. Catherine University, 2013). M.A. (Holistic Health Studies, St. Catherine University, 2013). B.A. (Spanish with a minor in Art History, St. Catherine University, 2008). With DIS since 2019.

DIS in Stockholm

Tina Mangieri

Associate Academic Director

Ph.D. (Geography, University of North Carolina, 2007). M.A. (Anthropology, University of Kentucky). B.A. (Geography/Anthropology, Penn State). Fulbright Scholar, Kenya. Principal Investigator, International Archaeological Research Institute, Honolulu. Archaeology instructor, Stockholm University. Cartographer, Yemen Project, Royal Ontario Museum. Academic Director (2000-03) and Academic Dean for Africa (2009-2015), SIT Study Abroad. Assistant Professor, Geography, Texas A&M University (2007-2009). Assistant Professor, Champlain College (2009-2010). Director of Experiential Education, NYU Abu Dhabi (2015-2016). Associate Dean for Global Education, Bates College (2016-2018). With DIS since 2018.

Marcel Grüninger

Associate Director of Housing & Student Affairs

B.A. (European Business, Dublin City University, 2007). German Diploma in European Business (ESB Business School, Reutlingen University, 2007). Studied abroad as an exchange student from Germany to Sweden in 1997-1998 with AFS Intercultural Programs and at Universidad de Buenos Aires (Intersectionality), Argentina, 2013. Has previously worked as Program Director for AFS Intercultural Programs in Sweden, 2009-2016. With DIS since 2016.

Marcel Grüninger, manager at Housing & Student Affairs in Stockholm

Susanne Evang

Student Affairs Coordinator

B.A. (Recreation studies Western Washington University, 1999) Flight Attendant Alaska Airlines and Norwegian, 2000-2011. Education Administrator at Karolinska Institutet, 2011-2016. Student Counsellor at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, 2017-2018. With DIS Stockholm since 2018.

Susanne Evang, Student Affairs Coordinator at DIS Stockholm

Eva Bergöö Palmaeus

HR and Payroll Officer

Bachelor's degree in Business Administration (Human Resources and Finance, Stockholm University, 1997). Bachelor's degree in Medical Science (with a Major in Physiotherapy, Karolinska  Institutet, Solna, Sweden 1992). HR and Financial Project Manager at Karolinska Institutet, 2017-2018, HR manager at conference hotel 2012-2017. HR manager and school coordinator 2006-2012. With DIS since 2019.  

Mattias Tholén

Facilities Coordinator

M.A. (Marketing and Organizational management, Uppsala University, 2011). Business developer, RootMusic, 2010. Founder, MCT Design, 2010-2011. Economy and Hotel Supervisor, Apollo, 2011-2015. Assistance Coordinator, SOS International, 2015-2016. With DIS since 2016.

Mattias Tholén, DIS Stockholm facilities coordinator

McKenna Keyes

Community Advisor

B.A. (History, Yale University, 2014). Currently pursuing MSSc in Peace and Conflict Studies at Uppsala University. U.S. Program Associate, U.S.-Spain Fulbright Commission, 2016-2018. Fulbright English Teaching Assistant in Madrid, Spain, 2014-2015. Study Abroad Peer Adviser, Yale University, 2012-2014. With DIS since 2019.

North American Operations

Brad Stepan

Director of North American Operations

M.Ed. (Student Affairs & Higher Education Administration, University of Wisconsin - La Crosse). B.S. (Environmental Studies, University of Minnesota). International Work Exchange Program Manager, New York. Human Resources Manager, Minneapolis. Worked Abroad in London and Sydney. Studied Abroad in Copenhagen (with DIS) and Mexico. With DIS North American Office in various roles: Director of North American Office, 2000-Present; Assistant Director, 1998-2000; Program Coordinator 1997-1998. With DIS since 1996.

DIS North American Operations, Brad Stepan

Julie Trimpe

Office Administrator

M.I.I.M (International and Intercultural Management, School for International Training, 1998).  B.A. (German, Central College, IA, 1992).  Studied abroad in Vienna, Austria and worked in Niigata, Japan, JET Program (1992-1994).  Quality Systems Coordinator, 2014-2017; Director of Study Abroad, Augsburg College, 2004-2006; Regional College Relations Manager, IES, 1998-2004; Assistant Director of Study Abroad, Virginia Tech, 1996-1998. With DIS since 2019.

North American Operations / Outreach

Julia Wheeler Ludden

Associate Director of North American Operations and Director of Outreach

B.A. (Biology, Carleton College, 2001). Study abroad: Sea Education Association, 1999; Carleton Marine Biology Seminar in Australia/New Zealand, 2000. Teaching Assistant, summer 2001. With DIS in Copenhagen 2001-2002 and in Minneapolis since 2002.

DIS North American Operations, Julia Wheeler Ludden

Alison Ryncarz

Outreach Manager

B.A. (Strategic Communication, minor in Professional Sales, Elon University, 2015). DIS Cross-Cultural Communication Program, Spring 2014. DIS Marketing Assistant, 2015-2016. DIS Stockholm Marketing Correspondent & Video Producer, 2016. With NAO since 2017.

DIS North American Operations - Alison Ryncarz

Peter Shapiro

Outreach Manager

B.A. (American Studies, Dickinson College, 2014). DIS Sociology Program, Spring 2013. DIS Housing and Student Affairs Assistant in Copenhagen, 2014-2015. DIS Housing and Student Affairs Coordinator in Copenhagen, 2015-2016. With DIS at the North American Office since 2016.

DIS Housing and Student Affairs, Peter Shapiro

Ruth Page

Senior Outreach Coordinator

B.A. (Interdisciplinary Studies, Northwestern College, 2009). Studied abroad in Jerusalem and Berlin. Study Abroad Advisor, Vanderbilt University, 2015-2017. With DIS since 2017.

Ruth Page, Institutional Relations Coordinator at DIS

Shannon Schooley

Outreach Advisor

B.S. (Political Science and Organizational Communication, Bradley University, 2018). DIS Urban Studies Program, Fall 2017. With DIS since 2018.

North American Operations / Enrollment Management

Kari Thiel

Director of Enrollment Management

M.Ed. (Student Affairs & Higher Education Administration, University of Wisconsin - La Crosse). B.S. (Family Social Science, University of Minnesota, 2001). DIS student, spring 1999. With DIS since 2000.

Kari Thiel, DIS North American Operations

Marcus Newton

Admissions Manager

B.A. (Theatre Studies, minors in Middle-Eastern Studies and Educational Studies, St. Olaf College 2016). Off -campus study: Urban and Multicultural Education in Hawaii, St. Olaf’s Semester in the Middle East (Israel, Jordan, Turkey, Morocco).  College Access Coach, College Possible, Minneapolis 2016-2017. Admission Counselor, Gustavus Adolphus College, 2017-2018.  Admission Counselor, The University of Minnesota, 2018-2019. With DIS since 2019.

Nash Meeker

Admissions Advisor

B.A. (Strategic Communication with a minor in Urban Studies, University of Minnesota, 2018). Intern with Metropolitan Council (2015) and GSR Architecture (2017). DIS Strategic Communication Program, Fall 2017. With DIS since 2018.

Tatyana Louis

Admissions Advisor

B.A. (Public Health Studies with a minor in Human Service Studies, Elon University, 2018). DIS Public Health Program, Spring 2017. Science and Health Program Assistant, 2018-2019. With DIS since 2018.

Emma Schwartz

Admissions Advisor

B.A. (Anthropology, Wake Forest University, 2018). Global AWAKEnings International Program Assistant, 2018-2019. With DIS since 2018.

North American Operations / Institutional Relations

Julie Scott

Director of Institutional Relations

M.S. (Marketing, Johns Hopkins University, 1996). B.A. (Political Science and Psychology, Dickinson College, 1983). Director, Child Development and Diversity Program at DIS, 2002-2005. Research analyst, U.S. Dept. of Education, National Center for Education Statistics, 1995-1998. Conference management, marketing, and education projects, 1988-1994. With DIS in Copenhagen 1999-2005 and in the U.S. since 2006.

Jamie Cathell

Assistant Director

B.A. (Psychology, with minors in Neuroscience and International Studies, Wake Forest University). With DIS since 2008.

DIS Institutional Relations, Jamie Cathell

Collin Shampine

Institutional Relations Coordinator

B.A. Neuroscience, B.A. Psychology (University of Colorado at Boulder, 2016). DIS Psychopharmacology student, Spring 2015. DIS Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience Program Assistant, 2017-2018. Full-time with DIS since 2019.

Communications & Marketing Department

Lauren Chaney Sorensen


B.A. (English and Communications, Villanova University, 2002). Interned Abroad: Central Holdings, Luxemburg, 1999. Studied Abroad: Wollongong University, Australia, 2001. Assistant Director with IFSA-Butler, New Zealand, 2005-2007. Strategic Marketing Manager with CIEE, U.S., 2007-2011. With DIS since 2011. Currently on maternity leave.

DIS Marketing and Communications, Lauren Chaney

Katie Jacobsen

Assistant Director, Marketing

B.A. (Psychology, Writing Colleague Program, Hobart and William Smith Colleges, 2012). Studied abroad at DIS Copenhagen, Spring and Summer 2011. With DIS since 2013.

Korbin Dimmick

Digital Platforms Manager

M.A. (Technical and Professional Communication, Auburn University, 2019). B.A. (International Studies and Spanish, Colorado State University, 2011). Studied abroad at Universidad Católica de Valparaíso, Chile, 2009. Study Abroad Coordinator, Auburn University, 2011-2019. With DIS since 2019.

Misako Ono

Creative Design Manager

B.A. (Sociology and Communications & Media Studies, Tufts University, 2015). Studied abroad at DIS, Fall 2013 and Spring 2014. Graphic Design & Media Assistant, DIS, 2015-2016. Communications & Design Assistant, National Academy of Design, 2016-2017. Graphic Designer, DIS 2017-2019. Creative Design Manager, DIS, 2019-present.

Misako Ono, Graphic Designer at DIS

Elin Bäckström Stage

Content Writer

M.A. (English and Communications, Stockholm University, 2008). Studied abroad at Roskilde University, Denmark, 2007-2008. Copy Writer (QVARTZ, 2010-2019). With DIS since 2019.

Asta Emilie Schantz-Conlon

Marketing & Campaign Coordinator

M.A. (Transmedia Communication, Film and Media Studies, University of Copenhagen, 2016). Studied abroad at University of Liverpool, England, UK, 2014. Marketing & Promotion Coordinator, Scanbox Entertainment, 2012-2016. Team Lead & Marketing Manager, Visual Meta GmbH, 2016-2018. With DIS since 2018. Currently on maternity leave.

Asta Emilie Schantz Koch, Marketing & Campaign Coordinator at DIS

Sara Rønstrup

Marketing & Campaign Coordinator

B.A. (International Sales and Marketing, Copenhagen Business Academy, 2019). Studied abroad at CESA, Bogotá, Colombia, 2018. Marketing Coordinator, CPH:DOX Documentary Film Festival, 2019. Sales Advisor and Department Manager, Calvin Klein, 2017-2019. With DIS since 2020.

Ashley Miller

Communications Coordinator

B.A. (International Relations and Anthropology, Tufts University, 2018). DIS Cultural Diversity and Integration Program, Spring 2017. Video Production and Social Media Assistant at DIS, 2018-2019. With DIS since 2018.

Project Department

Swenyu Hu

Project Portfolio Manager & Assistant to the Executive Team, M.S. (Leadership and Management Studies, Copenhagen Business School, 2010). B.S. (Commerce, McIntire School of Commerce, University of Virginia, 2004). DIS student, International Business and Economics Program, Spring 2003. Program Assistant, International Business & Economics, DIS, 2004-2005. Information Systems & Projects Assistant, DIS, 2005-2010. Executive Analyst, DIS, 2010-2014. Director, HR & New Business Development, DIS, 2014-2016. Director, Strategic Planning & Projects, DIS, 2016-2020.

DIS HR and New Business Operations, Swenyu Hu

Christina Lambertsen

Project Manager

M.A. (English and Political Science, University of Copenhagen, 2007). Studied abroad at Leeds University in England, 2002, and San Francisco State University in the U.S., 2005. Has worked at DIS in various positions as Homestay Coordinator, Student Affairs Coordinator, Recruitment Coordinator, and Cultural Immersion Coordinator, 2003-2012. Project Manager, New Business Development, DIS, 2014-2016. Project Manager, Project Department, DIS, 2016-present.

DIS HR and New Business Development, Christina Lambertsen

Rikke Kolbech Gudiksen

Project Manager

M.S. (International Business and Development Studies from Copenhagen Business School). Has been part of a think tank advising the Ministry of Employment, and worked for various interest groups in Denmark and the EU. Part of the strategy group of a major Danish shipping company and now works as an independent consultant, specialised in corporate responsibility and sustainability. Previously taught courses on global business strategy, business ethics and intercultural communication at DIS. Project Manager, New Business Development, DIS, 2014-2016. Project Manager, Project Department, DIS, 2016-present.

Rikke Kolbech, Project Manager at DIS

Sean Green

Project Manager & Data Protection Officer

M.Ed. (Measurement, Evaluation, Statistics, and Assessment, University of Illinois - Chicago, 2018). B.A. (History & Political Science from the University of Minnesota, 2009). Grades & Reg. Asst. at the Learning Abroad Center, 2007-2009. Admin. Asst. for Off-Campus Studies at Carleton College, 2010-2012. DIS Academic Administrator, 2012-2016. Project Manager, Project Department, DIS, 2016-present. Data Protection Officer, 2018-present.

DIS Academic Support, Sean Green

Human Resources

Charlotte Stigkær Bertelsen

HR Director

Cand Jur./M.S. (Law, Copenhagen University, 1994). B.Sc(H). (Social Science with Psychological Studies, Open University, UK, 2014). Lawyer at the National Danish labor Market Authority, 1994-1997. HR Business Partner, Novo Nordisk, 1997-2001. Self-employed consultant, 2001-2006. Head of personnel department, Danish Church Aid, 2006. Intercultural competences achieved from living 10 years overseas, Middle East and Central Asia. HR-supervisor and student counselor, DIS, 2015-2016. HR Director, DIS, 2016-present.

Charlotte Bertelsen, HR Manager

Maria Agervig Tarp

Senior HR Legal Partner

Cand.Jur/M.S. (Law, Copenhagen University, 2002). Head of Section, Danish Refugee Council, 2002-2004. Head of Section, National Board of Industrial Injuries in Denmark, 2004-2005. Head of Section in various HR positions, Danish Court Administration, 2005-2015. Special HR Advisor, Ministry of Employment, 2015-2016. With DIS since 2017.

Maria Agervig Tarp, HR consultant at DIS

Louise Ravn

Senior HR Coordinator

VET (specializing in Public Administration at Niels Brock, 2008). Trainee with the Danish Board of Health, 2008-2010. Working as a Head Receptionist and Technical Translator Assistant, Salini Italy, 2012-2014. With DIS since 2015.

Tom Mulinda

HR Coordinator and Reception

Cand. Soc. M.A. (International Relations and Development, Aalborg University 2017). Facilities Assistant Roche Pharmaceuticals 2018-2019. With DIS since 2019.


Rasmus Gregersen


Cand. polit (Economics, University of Copenhagen, 1996). Diploma in Finance HD (R), 2004. Controller, YouSee, 1996-1998. Head of Finance Nordic & Baltics, Thompson Reuters, 1999-2006. Director, Business Planning & Analysis, Saxo Bank, 2007-2009. CFO, Danish Design Centre, 2009-2014. With DIS since 2014.

DIS Finance, Rasmus Gregersen

Mikael Olsen

Chief of Accounts

Graduate Diploma in Business Administration (Copenhagen Business School, 2002). Accounting consultant, Visma, 1997-1999. Accountant, Benjamin Media, 1999-2001. Co-founder, AccountHouse, 2001-2004. Financial controller, Benjamin Media, 2004-2006. Self-employed Financial consultant, 2006-2009. Accountant/Financial controller, Danish Design Centre, 2009-2014. Head of Finance and Human Resources, Danish Design Centre/Design Society, 2014-2016. With DIS since October 2016.

Mikael Olsen, Chief of Accounts at DIS

Britt R. Karlsson

Financial Controller

Diploma in Finance HD(R) (2015). Head of Finance JAKA Metal A/S, 1999-2004. Accountant COMX Networks A/S, 2004-2007. Financial Controller sbs rådgivning, 2007-2014. Controller KFI Erhvervsdrivende Fond, 2015-2017. With DIS since 2017.

Britt Rostgaard-Karlsson

Lars New York Andreassen

Financial Controller

Diploma in Finance HD(R) (1986). Assistant Auditor Geer & Lyngvig A/S, 1981-1986. Head of Finance, Cretex A/S, 1986-2001. Head of Finance, Scanigros A/S, 2001-2004. Chief Financial Controller, Saint-Gobain Distribution Denmark A/S, 2004-2015. With DIS since 2015.

Ellen Holborg


Salary accounting in various Danish Unions, 1989-2003. Self-employed, 2003-2006. Salary accounting in an employment agency, 2006-2008. Managing payout of pensions in Uni-pension, 2009-2010. With DIS since 2010.

DIS Finance, Ellen Margrethe Holborg

Lene Bak


PA, Accountant, Sirius Company, 2009-2016. Accountant, Selecta A/S, 2016-2018. With DIS since 2018.  

Jeanne Kryger Jakobsen


Accountant, 2001-2008 FLSmidth, 2008-2016 Billetkontoret, 2017-2019 Parknet FMBA. With DIS since 2019.  

Johanne Riegels Østergård

Senior Consultant

Arkitekt, M.A.A. (Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen, 1997). M.S. (Advanced Architectural Design, Columbia University, New York, 1998). Employment at architectural offices in Prague, Copenhagen, and New York. DIS Program Director, Architecture, Design & Urban Studies, 2008-2013. Project Manager, New Business Development, DIS, 2015-2016. Director of Properties, DIS, 2017-2019.

DIS - Johanne Riegel Østergård

IT Development and Infrastructure

André Just Vedgren


M.Sc. (Software Development, IT University of Copenhagen, 2005). B.Sc. (Computer Science and Information Psychology, University of Copenhagen, 2003). FileMaker certified developer. Vice chairman of the Local Council for Amager (Amager Vest Lokaludvalg). Previously independent consultant/developer at ZorDesign and CTO at CODEO. With DIS since 2015.

DIS IT Development, André Just Vedgren

Annika Finnäs

FileMaker Developer

M.Sc. (Systems Development, Åbo Akademi University, 1989). Certificate in Applied Sciences (Multi-media, Harvard Extension School, 1995). Certified IT project manager and FileMaker developer. Independent consultant and systems developer at CODEO. With DIS since 2015.

DIS IT Development, Annika Finnäs

Gissur Jónsson

FileMaker Developer

M.Sc (Cand.IT from a liaison between IT University Copenhagen and Roskilde University in Interdisciplinary IT Development, 2006). B.Sc. (Philosophy and Computer Science from Roskilde University 2001). Have worked in Academia 2000-2008 (as PC IT supporter, and as Consultant for e-learning and for IT collaboration), as well as 10 years of web development. With DIS since 2018.

Paulo A. G. Ferreira

Software Architect

M.Sc. (Software Development and Technology, IT University of Copenhagen, 2010). B.Sc. (Hons) (Business and Information Technology, London South Bank University, 2005). Associate at Saxo Bank, 2006-2008. Software Developer at Conwx, 2010-2011. IT Engineer at MAN Diesel & Turbo, 2011-2016. With DIS since 2016.

Paulo A. G. Ferreira, Software Developer at DIS

Emil Ossian Jensen

Infrastructure Administrator

Working within IT since 2013, in Falck IT Helpdesk. I took the IT-Support education at TEC Ballerup. With DIS since 2015.

DIS IT Operations, Emil Ossian Jensen

Nora Banker

Business Analyst and Tester

M.A. (Cultural Studies, University of Edinburgh, 2010). Program Analyst in the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, U.S. Department of State, 2017-2019.  Assistant Director, Office of International Education, Maryland Institute College of Art, 2012-2017.  With DIS since 2019. External consultant as of March 1, 2020.  

IT Services

Kim Østerby Knudsen

IT Operations Helpdesk Coordinator

Working within IT since 1997 both as System Administrator, Supporter, and Coordinator. IT supporter working with Faculty, Administration, and Students, Roskilde University, 2011-2015. Before IT I worked in the Army for 10 years and in the Navy for 5 years. With DIS since 2015.

DIS IT Operations, Kim Østerby Knudsen

Jonas Jimmi Hæsum Jensen

IT Supporter

Working within IT since 2013. I have worked at Roskilde University, 2013-2015. I finished my IT supporter education from TEC Ballerup in August 2015. With DIS since January 2016.

Jonas Jimmi Hæsum Jensen, IT Supporter at DIS


John Søren Jensen

Facility Manager

Educated Pipe Smith 1986. Worked with Facilities Management since. Head of Facilities in biotech company, 1999-2019. Educated Project Manager, 2009. Certified Facility Management (Danish Technological Institute), 2015. With DIS since 2019.

Adam Capindale

Facilities Assistant

Adam is an educated electrician, but has worked in carpentry, painting, and plumbing tasks for the past few years. He has worked in England as an electrician from 2005-2010. In Denmark, he has worked for Spis i Nyhavn as a handyman from 2010-2017. With DIS since 2017.

Henrik Weng Rosenkilde


Degree Carpenter 2001 at Ebbe A. Olsen Tømrer/snedkerfirma. Served The royal Danish Lifeguard 2002-2003. Farming/agricultural and maintenance at Svinningegaarden Gods 2012-2015. Spring 2019 kognitiv mentorkursus diplom. With DIS since May 2019.

Sune Schmidt


Sune served the Royal Danish Lifeguard 1992 and is an educated carpenter and has worked in that field for more than 15 years. With DIS since 2019.