Library Resources

DIS Copenhagen Library at the Student Hub

With a collection of over 10,000 books, 30+ international journals, and nearly 2,000 DVDs in English (or with English subtitles), the DIS library is chock-full of resources related to your courses. Come to the DIS Student Hub to find tons of materials to supplement your learning, and use it as a quiet spot to study.

Navigating the DIS Library

The library contains:

  • Main Collection and Reading Room
    Loan our materials here, do research at a computer, read on our chairs, or use the printers for copying, printing, and scanning. Step up to the Librarians’ counter to set up an appointment for research assistance or academic feedback, for help searching for additional course material in the library or in our online databases, to gain access to DVDs and archived journals – or just for tips on a good book to read on the train!
  • The Film Room
    Reserve the Film Room to watch a film for class, with 24 seats, you can play from both DVD or stream films online
  • The Library Lounge
    On the floor above the Library is a Lounge area, where you can study at desks or read in comfortable chairs

The Online Library Catalog

The DIS Library has its own online catalog where you can search the database for materials, and/or log in to see your account, renew loans, or reserve books. Your username is your last name + your first name (i.e. John Smith = smithjohn), and your password is the last four digits of your student ID.

Access the DIS Library database here.

Academic Databases and Dictionaries

The DIS Library offers you access to extensive academic databases, covering most of the fields taught at DIS.

Read more about our library databases.

Library Rules

The rules of the DIS Library are few and easy to follow:

  • You can take books out of the library, but only when they have been checked out to your name
  • You can eat food and talk quietly in the library main room if you keep it tidy and are mindful of others working around you
  • No food or beverages (other than water) are allowed in the cinema
  • Library staff will put your books back for you. When you return them, bring them to the Librarians’ counter, and hand them over to a member of staff so they can be checked in