Emergency Response Plan When on DIS Travel

Trawel with DIS, Health and Safety

The safety and security of our students is of the utmost importance on DIS-arranged travel. All DIS students are covered under a comprehensive health, accident, and personal liability insurance policy.

Read more about the DIS Insurance Policy for students here.

If a student experiences a situation requiring emergency attention, they are advised to contact local emergency responders, followed by their Study Tour leaders. Students will have 24-7 contact information of their leaders while on tour. If for any reason the leaders are not available, students are also provided the DIS Health and Safety Emergency Phone contact information.

Find emergency contact information here

Leaders are trained to respond to student needs while on tour and are advised to call a Study Tour Department-based support phone for guidance and support throughout the tour. All DIS travel is considered part of the students’ DIS experience. Thus, all students and Study Tour leaders are expected to abide by and uphold the DIS Code of Student Responsibility.

Read about student conduct and the DIS Code of Student Responsibility here

Emergency Response and Contingency Planning During DIS Travel

The DIS Study Tours Department, tour leader, Director of Health & Safety, and DIS Leadership cooperate to:

  • Establish both preventative protocols and emergency response plans based on the DIS Emergency Response and Contingency Plan;
  • Carefully monitor recommendations of the U.S. Department of State, Danish authorities, DIS security partners, and local onsite partners in the specific destination; and
  • Make decisions related to itinerary changes or program cancellation, as required.

All students are registered with the U.S. Department of State’s STEP program for their travel with DIS. As a result, students will receive updates directly from the U.S. Department of State relevant to their travel and the Embassy will contact them directly in case of an emergency.

DIS-organized travel will not run where the mitigation requirements would mean that academic goals cannot be met.

Risk Established Prior to the Travel

In the case of a risk identified prior to a departure, the risk will be evaluated as related to the travel itinerary.

If it is determined the DIS travel will continue, steps will be taken to mitigate the risks. This may include any of the following:

  • Student and leader orientation and/or written messaging to address the current risk and specific mitigation steps;
  • Adjustments to the program plan and itinerary to remove or reschedule certain cities, regions or visits;
  • The establishment of no-go locations on student free time;
  • The removal of student free time;
  • The establishment/adjustment of curfews;
  • Changing transportation plans or modes or transportation; and
  • Any other adjustments DIS deems necessary in consultation with experts

If it is determined the DIS travel will not continue, the planned Study Tour will be canceled. DIS will make every effort to relocate the tour; if relocation is not possible or reasonable, students will be provided with an alternative activity where the academic objectives can be met.

Risk Established During Travel

In the case that an event occurs which has the potential to threaten the safety and security of our students while the DIS Travel is taking place the risk will be evaluated as related to the travel itinerary. A range of options from the implementation of mitigation strategies to full evacuation will be considered. In all cases:

  • Students and leaders are advised to follow the directions of local authorities;
  • DIS will ensure that home universities are informed of any major changes; and
  • Tour leaders will ask students to contact and update parents/emergency contacts