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Barcelona is an obvious choice to study contemporary urban studies. The Catalonian capital is currently undergoing a political situation, which over the past decades have greatly influenced urban development and the urban life in the city.…

End of Semester Showcase

Join your fellow students in celebrating the talent and diversity of their work from the Fall 2017 semester! The Showcase is an interdisciplinary platform for readings, exhibitions, installations, presentations, and simulations.

Cities for People / People for Cities

Jan Gehl, Founder of Gehl Architects and Flemming Borreskov, will offer a back-to-back presentation of their visions for “cities for people” and “people for cities.” Anette Galskjøt, IFHP CEO, and Regitze Marianne, IFHP Special Advisor & DIS Faculty, will elaborate on how these are key ingredients to the implementation of the UN 2030 Sustainable Development and the particular importance of addressing the social sustainability of cities and communities.

Philosophy of Love

In this course, we read Continental European philosophy and literature that examine the role of love and relationality in human life. We uncover trust, mutual reliance, reciprocity, and care at play in our love relationships, but…

Safety in Copenhagen: Presentation by the US Embassy’s Head of Security

Some of you have expressed concern for your safety in Copenhagen due to the gang related incidents in August and September, mainly in Nørrebro and Østerbro. While the US Embassy have not issued any warnings regarding staying in, or visiting, these neighborhoods, they are aware of the situation and have offered to give a presentation on how to stay safe in the city. All students are welcome to attend the presentation, headed by the US Embassy’s Head of Security, Joseph Schulter.


On this tour, you learn first-hand the key political and operational approaches and dilemmas of modern-day counter-terrorism in two of Europe’s key multi-ethnic cities. After several terrorist attacks, Brussels and Paris experience the threat and horror of…

FAQs about the Science Research Practicum

If you are enrolling in the Science Research Practicum at DIS Copenhagen, here are some answers to frequently asked questions. Q: What is the Science Research Practicum? A: The Science Research Practicum is an experiential learning…

Activities Fair

Want to meet locals and get involved during your time at DIS? Attend the Activities Fair, where 40+ organizations will be present to share information with you. The organizations vary from sports teams to religious organizations…


This Week-Long Study Tour takes you to Berlin, a diverse, innovative city with a complex past. A 2015 Ernst & Young study ranked Berlin second – only behind London – among the most important European start-up…


This Week-Long Study Tour takes you to the center of attention of EU discussions. Not only is the UK in the middle of Brexit, which means billions of euros, jobs, and political lives at stake. But…

Nagieb Khaja: Danish Journalist and War Correspondent

Hear from Nagieb Khaja, a Danish journalist and war correspondent who has made numerous award-winning productions on the wars in Afghanistan and Syria. He has been where no other Western journalist has gone, while embedded with the Taliban.

Climate Change: The Science and Societal Response

Professor Katherine Richardson will offer her insight into the scientific understanding of climate change and the role of the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), as well as reflections on the outcome of COP21 in Paris.

International Career Night

Hear speakers share their perspectives on working in intercultural environments and advice on how to land a job overseas. Refreshments and food will be served.