Public Health

With its publicly financed, universal healthcare system, Denmark serves as a unique case study of the challenges and opportunities in public health issues.

In Denmark and across Europe, healthcare systems are facing rising costs, aging populations, and inequality in health. Analyze and debate these challenges, while examining their interplay with the organization, financing, and priority-setting of the various systems you encounter in class and on Study Tours.

Is This Program For You?

This program is right for you, if you study public health, public policy, or health science, or wish to pursue a graduate degree or future career in the health professions.

Why Study Public Health in Denmark?

With its renowned system of extensive register-based population information, Denmark is a unique case study of how tracking health-related parameters over time can inform policy and decision-makers about important public health issues.

From visiting hospitals and dissecting the Danish healthcare systems, this class has given me perspective. Our professors never try to force us to decide which country’s system is better, but encourage us to see strengths and weaknesses within both. I no longer look at health care as a black and white system. I’ve been challenged to think in a different way than I would in the United States, and have had an experience that stretches far beyond the classroom.”

– Shannon, Lafayette College

Core Courses