Helsinki-TallinnWeek-Long Study Tour | Public Health Program

This week-long Study Tour to Tallinn and Helsinki introduces you to the nuances of the public healthcare systems in northern Europe and further enables you to compare two systems that have developed from quite different times in history. The Estonian healthcare system emerged from the rise and fall of communism, and is relatively new and reformed, while the Finnish healthcare system presents an example of an older well-structured welfare state system with one of the highest rates of patient satisfaction in the European Union.

By visiting policy-making institutions and meeting with general practitioners and NGOs that focus on community health, you will observe and better understand the challenges health providers, institutions, and the overall health system face. The study tour enables you to derive comparative insights from the analysis of different national healthcare systems.

To further contextualize your studies and understanding of Estonian and Finnish culture, you taste traditional foods, try a Finnish smoke sauna, and visit cultural landmarks.

Tour Objectives

  • Compare and contrast the role and function of different health institutions and how they relate to the setup and structure of a healthcare system
  • Observe the challenges northern European countries face in relation to healthcare due to rising costs, aging populations, and unequal access to care
  • Understand the challenges a transitioning post-communist country faces, with a specific focus on healthcare related issues

Possible Activities

  • Visit primary care facilities in Tallinn and Helsinki
  • Visit the Estonian Health Insurance Fund
  • Go to the Finnish Cancer Registry to learn about cancer screening programs in Finland