Billing Information

Billing information at DIS

All fees must be paid to DIS before arrival. Invoices will be issued via email to you as a student directly, or to any institution paying for its students, approximately six weeks prior to the program start date. Checks and wire transfers made payable to DIS are the only acceptable forms of payment. Payments should be made in U.S. Dollars ONLY.

How to Make Payments

Follow the directions below based on the kind of payment you plan to make.

Please check with your bank regarding any possible transaction fees associated with the DIS payment options or with transactions processed outside the US. All banking transaction fees are the responsibility of the sender and not of DIS.

Payment by check

Checks can be made payable to DIS and sent to our Lock Box as follows:

DEPT CH 19918
Palatine, IL 60055-9918

To send check payment via express delivery please send to:

Box 19918, 5505 N. Cumberland Ave. STE 307
Chicago, IL 60656-1471

ACH (Electronic) payment

DNB Bank ASA, New York Branch

  1. Receiving Company: DIS
  2. Receiving Bank ABA: 021000018
  3. Account #: 561414880001
  4. Include DIS ID number from invoice
  5. If #4 above is not possible, please email transaction details to

Wire Transfer Information – International

Jyske Bank
Vesterbrogade 9
1780 Copenhagen V

  1. Receiving Bank: Jyske Bank
  3. IBAN # DK9550330002881023
  4. Beneficiary Account # 5033-288102-3
  5. Beneficiary: DIS
  6. Include university or student’s full name in message section

Wire Transfer Information – Domestic

DNB Bank ASA, New York Branch
200 Park Avenue, 31st floor
New York, NY 10166-0396

  1. Receiving Bank: DNB Bank ASA, New York
  2. Receiving Bank Address: 200 Park Avenue, 31st floor, New York, NY 10166-0396
  3. Receiving Bank Account # 8026001499
  4. Intermediary Bank: Bank of New York, Mellon
  5. Intermediary Bank Address: 101 Barclay Street, 19W, New York, NY 10286
  6. Intermediary Bank ABA # 021000018
  7. Beneficiary: DIS
  8. Beneficiary Account # 14880001
  9. Reference in Notes/Comments: University or student’s full name

Further information

For further information please contact:

Prior to arrival

North American Office:

Mary Malone
Enrollment and Student Services Manager
(612) 301-7200

Meghan McMillan
Enrollment Associate
(612) 301-7200

After arrival

Copenhagen Office:

Bo Torp Sørensen
(+45) 36 76 57 41

Mikael Rask Olsen
Chief of Accounts
(+45) 33 76 54 92

Late Payments

If all fees are not paid by the end of the Arrival Workshop, you will be dismissed from the program. In exceptional cases, written permission by DIS to postpone part of the payment may be arranged.