Billing FAQs

Billing information FAQ

Q / When and how will I be invoiced? / Why haven’t I received an invoice?

A / You will be invoiced via email approximately six to eight weeks prior to the DIS arrival date for your term of attendance (four to six weeks for summer sessions).

If you have not received an invoice then review the following:

  • If your school is one of our partner institutions, DIS may have an agreement to invoice your school directly. To confirm this, please contact us at the DIS North American Office at (800) 247-3477.
  • Please check the junk mail filters on your email account to allow invoices from and accounts to be received.
  • Check your personal information in Student Registration and verify you entered your email address correctly.

Q / Why did I receive an invoice when I thought my school was paying?

A / Invoices are issued based on the specific billing agreements we have with institutions. Many of our partner institutions will cover the Comprehensive Tuition fee, but request their students be responsible for paying the Comprehensive Housing fee and the Danish/Swedish Visa fee to DIS directly. If you received an invoice or payment reminder for any of these fees, then it is most likely a result of this type of billing arrangement with your school.

If you still have questions, please contact your school or the DIS North American Office at (800) 247-3477.

Q / When is full payment due?

A / Full payment is due 30 days from the date your invoice was issued. If your invoice was issued within 30 days of the official program arrival date, then payment is due no later than the arrival date.

Q / Will I receive confirmation of payment?

A / You will not automatically receive confirmation of payment but you are welcome to email if you require confirmation.

Q / What if I am paying with Financial Aid and it isn’t disbursed by the due date?

If you cannot pay your total amount due by the due date because you are expecting financial aid, then upon receiving your invoice via email please reply with the total amount of aid you’re expecting and the exact date(s) of disbursement and we will update your account with that information. Those funds will not be expected until after the disbursement date(s). Please also clarify whether your financial aid will be disbursed directly to you and you will be transferring the funds to DIS or if your home institution will disburse the aid directly to DIS.

Anything not covered by your aid is still due by the due date. The same applies to funds being received as a result of bank or personal loans.

Q / Is there a payment plan?

A / We do not typically offer payment plans due to the amount of expense incurred on your behalf prior to your arrival. Classroom spots are reserved, study tour travel arrangements are booked, housing placements are committed to/rented, etc.

If you are unable to pay the total amount due by the due date and are not receiving financial aid, contact us at with the exact specifics of your situation.

In exceptional cases, written permission by DIS to postpone part of the payment may be arranged.

Payment of all fees must take place by the end of Arrival Workshop or you will be dismissed from the program.

Q / Can I use Veteran’s Benefits/GI Bill funds to pay my DIS program fees?

A/ DIS welcomes and encourages veterans to study abroad, and if you or someone in your family has veterans benefits you may be able to use those financial resources to support your time abroad. Use of your benefits depends both on the details of the specific benefit and the details of your specific situation. DIS is not a VA-approved foreign school and we do not meet the requirements to be approved. (Find the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Directory here.) As a result, the VA will not pay DIS directly and the only way to utilize VA benefits would be from your home school. DIS recommends that you start by talking to your study abroad office and the person who normally certifies your enrollment on your home campus (e.g. veteran’s center or registrar’s office) to understand how study abroad, through DIS or another program, will impact your eligibility for VA benefits. In many, but not all cases, if a student is enrolled for the term of study abroad on their home campus for credits toward their degree and billed for study abroad through their home campus, VA benefits can be used. For more information, review this Post 9/11 GI Bill benefits fact sheet from VA.

Q / Can I use 529 plan funds to pay my DIS program fees?

A/ DIS will accept payment from any source on behalf of the student, and former DIS students/parents have successfully used 529 plan funds to pay for the DIS program in the past. We recommend the student/parent check with the plan administrators regarding what qualifies as an eligible institution under their plan. Often it is a question of accreditation. Though DIS is not an accredited U.S. institution, a student’s DIS courses will be accredited in accordance with U.S. standards – by either their home institution acting as the School of Record for its students, or by the University of Minnesota, which acts as the DIS School of Record for students from those institutions that cannot accept the DIS Final Grade Report as documentation of credit earned abroad. Check with your plan administrators and provide them with this information, and hopefully, that will be all they need to authorize the use of 529 funds for your DIS program fees. If you have any additional questions please contact the DIS North American Office at 800-247-3477 or by emailing

Q / How do I pay/what payment types are acceptable?

A / Program fees payments are accepted only via credit card, electronic transfer, wire transfer, or by check in USD only.

For specific payment information and step-by-step instructions, find the Billing Information page here.

Q / Can you send the invoice to a parent or guardian?

A / DIS cannot communicate about a student’s account with anyone other than the student and the student’s home institution. If a parent or other party will be paying the invoice on a student’s behalf, it is the student’s responsibility to reach out to and forward the information.

Q / What is the DIS Refund Policy regarding the cancellation of my semester or summer session at DIS?

A / Find information on the Cancellation and Change Fees page.