Summer Housing

Living in DIS-arranged housing lets you have the independence to focus on your academics while living in safe and convenient locations within the Greater Stockholm and/or Copenhagen areas.

Getting To and From Your DIS Housing

Part of living and studying in Scandinavia means that you commute by bike, bus, train, or metro, as the locals do. Whether traveling to and from classes at DIS, Field Studies, Study Tour departures, or other activities, you can expect that commuting will be a part of your daily life. In both cities, the public transportation is clean, safe, punctual, and efficient.

More and more local students live in the Greater Stockholm or Copenhagen areas and use public transportation or bicycles daily. While the commute may seem intimidating at first, keep in mind that your daily transportation will be no different than a local student’s commute.

Summer Housing

In some housing sites, DIS students live with other DIS students, and in others, DIS students share the building with local students. You will be placed in a housing site depending on which summer sessions and courses you are enrolled in.

DIS Housing Policies – Guaranteed

DIS guarantees housing to all students who request DIS-arranged housing.

Additionally, DIS works hard to ensure that you have a meaningful stay in your housing. Learn how DIS matches you in the best possible housing placement here: DIS Summer Housing Placement Process

Requesting & Applying for DIS Housing

The deadline for requesting summer housing is approximately 1.5 – 2 months before the arrival date. DIS will be in touch with you to confirm the deadline. To apply, provide correct and detailed information on Student Registration.

What Each Housing Option Provides Under the Comprehensive Housing Fee

Find out what is included in each housing option by reading about our comprehensive fee for all DIS housing options.

Finding Out About Your Housing Placement

Approximately 10 days prior to arrival, you receive your housing placement and exact address.

Housing Between Sessions

We hope you stay for several sessions at DIS and get to experience Stockholm or Copenhagen to the fullest.

Information pertaining to the housing in between sessions:

  • If you take several consecutive sessions, you will be housed over the weekend in between them
  • You are encouraged to enroll in Session 1 and Session 3. However, be aware that DIS does not offer housing over the three-week break between these sessions
  • If you are a spring student staying for the summer, unfortunately, DIS cannot extend your current semester housing through to your session start