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How do you want to build your summer? Meet some of our former students who share their stories.

Stockholm and Copenhagen are equally admired for their natural beauty, rich history, and vibrant big city vibe. The long days of Scandinavian summer offer you plenty of sunlight hours to explore and create your own impressions – whether you choose to study abroad in Stockholm, Copenhagen, or both.

Evan, Ohio State University

Evan started his studies at DIS Stockholm for Session 1, then traveled to DIS Copenhagen for Session 2 and 3. During his summer, Evan passed on advice for creating a unique study abroad experience.

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I believe that everybody who has the opportunity to study abroad should branch out of their comfort zone at home and consider giving it a try.

Evan, Ohio State University

Ee Jay, University of British Columbia

Ee Jay spent a summer at DIS Copenhagen studying in the Urban Design Studio Course. He went to Sweden and Finland on Study Tour, explored Copenhagen, and looked for the meaning behind world-renowned architectural structures.

My summer story, EeJay

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Nash, Yale University

Nashirra, or as her classmates call her, ‘Nash,’ studied abroad with DIS Stockholm. Nash is a sophomore and picked the DIS Stockholm program specifically because of a course that is unique in combination with her major at Yale.

My summer story, Nash

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As a history major, I was really excited to see that there was a class available at DIS that isn’t available at my home university.

Nash, Yale University

Owen, University of Minnesota

Owen spent six weeks in Copenhagen for Sessions 1 and 2. He traveled to Berlin om Study Tour and also made time for some personal travel while in Scandinavia.

My summer story, Owen

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I had always dreamed of studying abroad during college but with my busy school schedule, I didn’t think it would be possible.

Owen, University of Minnesota

Jeff, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Jeff divided his summer between Stockholm and Copenhagen. To him, this was an excellent way to get a feel for the nuanced differences between the two Scandinavian capitals.

My summer story, Jeff

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Carden, Augsburg University

Carden studied with DIS Copenhagen during Sessions 1 & 2. He shares his experience of studying abroad with cerebral palsy, and gives advice on self care while traveling abroad.

My summer story, Carden

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My biggest challenge while studying abroad would have to be balancing my expectations for study abroad with my self-care needs.

Carden, Augsburg University

Ryan, University of Colorado at Boulder

Ryan studied abroad with DIS a few summers ago. While things have changed since then, the experience of spending a summer in Scandinavia is still as impactful. Join Ryan as he explores Copenhagen and travels on Study Tour.

Summer Study Tour Stories

If you study abroad during Session 2, Session 3, or the Architecture and Design Session, you travel on a course-integrated Study Tour with your class and faculty. Meet four students who share their experiences from Study Tours around Europe.

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Advice for future students, favorite aspects of the culture, and more; hear it straight from our Summer Writers in Stockholm and Copenhagen.

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