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How do you want to build your summer? Meet some of our former students who share their stories.

Stockholm and Copenhagen are equally admired for their natural beauty, rich history, and vibrant big city vibe. The long days of Scandinavian summer offer you plenty of sunlight hours to explore and create your own impressions – whether you choose to study abroad in Stockholm, Copenhagen, or both.

Kat, Denison University

Kat’s study abroad journey began well before she stepped foot in Scandinavia. As a low-income student, it was a constant back-and-forth deciding to pursue education abroad. Since receiving the Benjamin A. Gilman scholarship, Kat was able to focus equally on both her leisure time and her education – something she is not often able to do back at home.

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Kameo, University of Pittsburgh at Bradford

Kameo chose Stockholm for its illustrious history and vivid views. She also came to find herself — and celebrate Swedish Midsummer! Kameo stayed in Stockholm for Session 1 and 2, taking classes in storytelling and photography, all the while documenting her experiences abroad in watercolor and photos.

Kameo summer story

I am my ancestor’s wildest dreams. By way of faith, prayer, and student scholarship, there I was, a first generation Jamaican-American college student studying abroad in Sweden.

Kameo, University of Pittsburgh at Bradford

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Simran, Northeastern University

Simran is passionate about sustainability and chose courses on renewable energy and green businesses for both Session 1 and 2. While abroad, Simran enjoyed riding her bike through the city and discovering all the hidden gems.

summer writer simran

Going abroad feels like starting anew. You’re continuing to write the story of you, but in a different color pen.

Simran, Northeastern University

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Kyle, Wake Forest University

Wanting to pursue a career in neuroscience research, Kyle, Wake Forest University, chose DIS because of the classes and opportunities it offers. Kyle was in the Labs & Research Session at DIS Stockholm, and enrolled in a Biomedical Lab that is based at the Karolinska Institutet – one of the best medical institutions in the world.

Kyle summer stories

Kyle’s view on doing research at DIS Stockholm 

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Nico, College of William and Mary

Nico chose to study abroad at DIS to add a practical perspective on his majors and to be able to apply his academic knowledge in a more clinical setting. With the goal of attending Physician’s Assistant School, Nico was curious to explore Scandinavian healthcare systems up close.

Nico DIS Stockholm summer student

One of my favorite aspects of my summer in Sweden is the weather – beautiful and sunny with the sun rising at 3am and setting around 11pm.

Nico, College of William and Mary

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Owen, University of Minnesota

Owen spent six weeks in Copenhagen for Sessions 1 and 2. One of his top highlights was simply riding his bike through the city, surrounded by trees, grass, parks, and dozens of other people enjoying their afternoon.

My summer story, Owen

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I had always dreamed of studying abroad during college but with my busy school schedule, I didn’t think it would be possible.

Owen, University of Minnesota

Nash, Yale University

Nashirra, or as her classmates call her, ‘Nash,’ studied abroad with DIS Stockholm. Nash is a sophomore and picked the DIS Stockholm program specifically because of a course that is unique in combination with her major at Yale.

My summer story, Nash

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As a history major, I was really excited to see that there was a class available at DIS that isn’t available at my home university.

Nash, Yale University

Evan, Ohio State University

Evan studied abroad for three summer sessions. During his time in Scandinavia, Evan passed on advice for creating a unique study abroad experience.

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I believe that everybody who has the opportunity to study abroad should branch out of their comfort zone at home and consider giving it a try.

Evan, Ohio State University

Ee Jay, University of British Columbia

Ee Jay spent a summer at DIS Copenhagen studying in the Urban Design Studio Course. He explored urban spaces that balance sustainable living, beauty, and functionality, and looked for the meaning behind world-renowned architectural structures.

DIS Summer - My Story - Ee Jay

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Jeff, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Jeff’s class on visual culture at DIS Copenhagen taught him how to read a city and understand all of its historical background and contexts simply by looking at something as simple as its bricks.

My summer story, Jeff

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Carden, Augsburg University

Carden studied with DIS Copenhagen during Sessions 1 & 2. He shares his experience of studying abroad with cerebral palsy, and gives advice on self care while traveling abroad.

My summer story, Carden

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My biggest challenge while studying abroad would have to be balancing my expectations for study abroad with my self-care needs.

Carden, Augsburg University

Ryan, University of Colorado at Boulder

Ryan studied abroad with DIS a few summers ago. While things have changed since then, the experience of spending a summer in Scandinavia is still as impactful. Join Ryan as he explores Copenhagen.

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