Session 2

June 11 – June 30

3 weeks | 3 credits

Courses running in Session 2 include three weeks based in Stockholm or Copenhagen, including a course-integrated study tour in Europe. Throughout your course, you explore beyond the classroom on local field studies.

You choose one course per session at either location.

DIS Stockholm Course Offerings

Gender, Equality, and Sexuality in Scandinavia
Study Tour: Berlin

Power of Women in the Viking Age
Study Tour: York

Psychology of Political Behavior
Study Tour: Berlin

Public Finance: European Perspectives
Study Tour: Athens

Translational Medicine: From Bench to Bedside
Study Tour: London-Oxford

DIS Copenhagen Course Offerings

Business Start-up + Business Start-up Practicum
(Note: This course runs over Session 1 and Session 2, for 6 credits.)
Study Tour: Helsinki-Stockholm

Children in a Multicultural Context
Study Tour: London

Climate Change and Glacier Modeling
Study Tour: Iceland

Cross-Cultural Communication
Study Tour: Belfast-Dublin

Cross-Cultural Psychology
Study Tour: Berlin

European Clinical Psychology
Study Tour: Vienna

Food and Identity
Study Tour: Barcelona

Human Health and Disease: A Clinical Approach
Study Tour: Berlin or Vienna

International Strategy and Leadership: Case Studies
Study Tour: Saint Petersburg-Stockholm

Medical Biotechnology and Drug Development
Study Tour: Edinburgh

Neuroscience of Fear
Study Tour: Munich

Positive Psychology
Study Tour: Scotland

Prostitution and the Sex Trade
Study Tour: Amsterdam

Public Health in the Arctic
Study Tour: Karasjok-Tromsø

Renewable Energy Systems
Study Tour: Germany

Roskilde Festival: Community, Culture, Creativity
Study Tour: Roskilde Music Festival
(Note: Course runs to July 8 due to festival dates)

Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism from a European Perspective
Study Tour: London-Oslo

Visual Culture of Cities
Study Tour: Berlin