Course Enrollment and Grading

Course Enrollment and Grading

Add/Drop: You may not add, drop, or exchange a summer course after the corresponding summer session Arrival Day.

Audit: DIS does not permit students to audit courses.

Course Enrollment: Your selected course(s) should be approved by your home advisor. All applicable prerequisites must be fulfilled before the class begins.

Course Load: Since summer sessions vary in length and course options, you may enroll in three, four, six, or seven-week sessions, or a combination, for a minimum of 3 credits to a maximum of 12 credits total over the summer.

Final Grade Report: Final Grade Reports are sent within 30 days after all summer sessions have concluded. The Final Grade Report lists all courses in which you were officially registered, with the amount of credit and grades for each course in English. The Final Grade Report may include withdrawn courses, if required by your home institution. A copy of your Final Grade Report is sent to the US institution processing your grades (in most cases, your home institution). A second copy is sent directly to you. Final Grade Reports will only be issued if all fees have been paid to DIS and there are no academic or administrative holds on your record. If a grade change is received from an instructor, DIS will issue a new Final Grade Report.

Grades: Points, rather than letter grades, are given on all course assignments. Points are automatically calculated into letter grades by Canvas at the end of the semester. Plus (+) and minus (-) grades are used for final course grades below an A. When calculating grade points and averages, “+” is equal to plus .3 and “-” is equal to minus .3. The average of the individual assignment grades, multiplied by their respective weights, determines the final course grade, as indicated below.
Please note: DIS does not round up grades.

Letter Grade Percentage
A 93 to 100%
A- 90 to less than 93%
B+ 87 to less than 90%
B 83 to less than 87%
B- 80 to less than 83%
C+ 77 to less than 80%
C 73 to less than 77%
C- 70 to less than 73%
D+ 67 to less than 70%
D 63 to less than 67%
D- 60 to less than 63%
F 0 to less than 60%

Other grade symbols used on DIS Final Grade Reports for summer sessions include:

  • W = Withdrawal (given at the request or requirement of the student’s home institution)
  • I = Incomplete

Grade Appeal: The DIS grade appeal procedure is available to you during and after your term abroad with a six-month statute of limitation after the final course grade has been issued. If appealing a grade, please provide written evidence indicating a mistake, fraud, or bad faith on the part of the instructor and submit your appeal to DIS Academic Support (in Copenhagen) or (in Stockholm). After reviewing the appeal, the Academic Director will render a final decision within 30-days of submission.

Incomplete: In the case of extreme extenuating circumstances, in consultation with Academic Support, your home school, and faculty, it may be possible to take an “I” or Incomplete grade to allow completion of coursework beyond the end of the DIS enrolment term. This is very rarely granted. All work must be completed by the agreed upon deadline or the grade will lapse to a “F” (Fail).

Pass/Fail: DIS students enrolled in summer sessions may not take courses pass/fail.

Program Withdrawal: If you withdraw from DIS after the summer session has started, you will receive a “W” (Withdrawal) for the corresponding course on the Final Grade Report.

Please meet with Academic Support or the Care Team if you are considering withdrawing from DIS and refer to the Cancellation and Change Fees webpage for information on refunds or fees related to program changes and withdrawals.