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CYA Partnership Course

June 21 – July 17 4 weeks | 4 Credits CYA and DIS offer a special partnership course, divided in two locations. The course starts in Athens, Greece on June 21 and all students then transfer…

My Summer Story

How do you want to build your summer? Meet some of our former students who share their stories.


More information about this Study Tour to Paris will follow soon.

African American Expats in Copenhagen and Paris

This course examines the experiences of African American expatriates in Copenhagen and in Paris. While many are familiar with the stories of James Baldwin, Josephine Baker, Langston Hughes, and Richard Wright in Paris, few know about…


Palermo’s celebrated mayor, Leoluca Orlando, has described Palermo as a Middle Eastern city that “just happens to be in the EU.” The location of Sicily, far south in the Mediterranean, has ensured its reputation as a…


This Study Tour to Bologna and Florence offers the opportunity to explore emerging adulthood outside of the classroom. You will visit researchers at the University of Bologna, known for its leading research on typical and atypical…


More information about this Study Tour will be available soon.

Popular Music and Culture: Creative Workshop

In this music course you are trained in songwriting in a masterclass setting. The course is taught at your individual level and may include voice training, accompaniment, and/or music production. You learn different writing techniques and…

Understanding Climate Change Lab

This lab-based course offers a unique opportunity to witness climate change firsthand in the Arctic, while getting hands-on experience with lab methods used in climate science. The course includes a field lab for 2-3 weeks in…

First-Time Traveler Tips

Your first time traveling - whether it be domestically or internationally - can feel both exciting and overwhelming.