Field Studies

All DIS Sessions include Field Studies that turn Stockholm or Copenhagen into your classroom and lab.

An Emphasis on Hands-On Learning

You access resources and networks such as researchers, health professionals, communication consultants, European politicians, innovative business leaders, cutting-edge architects and designers, entrepreneurs, ground-breaking activists, and fascinating historians.

It’s so cool to talk about a topic in class, such as Viking rune stones, and then take a quick trip on one of the public busses to see the actual rune stone itself.

Nash, Yale University

What is learning about gender and equality in Sweden, the world’s most gender-equal country, without hearing from the activists shaping the political agenda? Or discussing bicycle urbanism in Copenhagen having not experienced the infrastructure yourself? You get to ask critical questions at meaningful sites and to experts with knowledge – all the while, seeing more of your host city.

It’s easy to theorize about questions and create discussion in a classroom, but it’s much more fun to explore them first hand.

Nora , Barnard College