Diversity Resources

Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

DIS is committed to building an inclusive learning environment in a Scandinavian context. Find information about this commitment and the student body here. 

Building a Supportive & Open Community at DIS

While abroad this summer, if you are struggling with identity questions or have the need to talk to someone about your experience, reach out to the Care Team for support. Should you encounter situations where you feel discriminated against, e.g. by the police, at a nightlife venue, or elsewhere, the DIS Care Team can also provide emotional and practical support as well as guidance on how to file a complaint.

Find information about contacting the Care Team here.

First-Generation College Students

Academic Advising

Resources at the Office of Academic Support are available to you; find more information about DIS Academic Resources.

Personal Support

If you are facing difficulties navigating a new culture, the pressure to succeed, changes in your financial situation, or any non-academic obstacles, reach out to the DIS Care Team.

Find contact information for the DIS Care Team

Access Copenhagen and Stockholm’s Communities and Create Your Own

Prior to departing for your semester, research communities you feel you would identify with – these are a good start:

LGBTQ* Resources

Homosexuality is legal and widely accepted in Stockholm and Copenhagen. LGBTQ people take part in public life. Several actors, politicians, and other prominent people are out and proud. Sweden and Denmark often named as some of the most gay-friendly countries in the world.



  • RFSL: The Swedish Federation for LGBTQ Rights. The organization has opportunities for local involvement and also has a youth federation
  • FPES: The Full Personal Expression Sweden is an organization for the transgender community
  • QX.se: The magazine for the LGBTQ community in Sweden
  • Stockholm Pride: The organization behind the Pride festival held every year in late July or early August
  • Egalia: A meeting space for LGBTQ individuals between 13-19 years