Diversity Resources

DIS strives to be an inclusive, pluralistic, and diverse study abroad institution that prioritizes creating a learning experience and environment where everyone can reach their full potential, and build skills to navigate in the globalized world.

Commitment to Diversity and Respect

DIS is committed to building and supporting a diverse community. We welcome students of different racial, ethnic, religious, and socioeconomic backgrounds and gender identities, and look forward to partnering with you to foster an inclusive learning environment within the Scandinavian cultural and historical landscape.

Our Student Body

DIS students come from approximately 200 top colleges and universities throughout North America. You will meet a diverse group of students representing different races, ethnicities, religions, social economic backgrounds as well as sexual identities. Students come from small and medium-sized liberal arts colleges, large state institutions, from urban, rural, as well as suburban locations. Different nationalities are represented, with approximately seven to eight percent of the student population consisting of international students studying at North American universities.

Building a Supportive & Open Community at DIS

While abroad this summer, if you are struggling with identity questions or have the need to talk to someone about your experience, reach out to the Care Team for support.

Should you encounter situations where you feel discriminated against, e.g. by the police, at a nightlife venue, or elsewhere, the DIS Care Team can also provide emotional and practical support as well as guidance on how to file a complaint.

Find information about contacting the Care Team here.