Extending to Stay for a Full Year at DIS

DIS offers you a substantial discount for staying a full academic year! You can sign up as a full year student prior to the start of your semester, or seek to extend once you are here. You can switch locations between semesters from Copenhagen to/from Stockholm at the same cost.

Visit the semester page in our Tuition & Fees Section for prices.

How to Register to Study Abroad For a Full Year

Full-year students start at DIS in the fall and continue into the spring semester. Here’s how you apply:

  • Enrolling DIS students
    If you know you want to stay a full year in Copenhagen with DIS before you depart, you can indicate your interest in a second semester in Student Registration
  • Current DIS students
    If you are a current DIS student, start the conversation to extend your stay to a second semester, by contacting dis@umn.edu.

Note: You must be in good academic standing at DIS to extend.

Full-Year Students: What to Know About Academics

As a full-year student, you have the option to choose a new core course in your second semester, either within your current program if there is more than one option, or within a new program or city location. You can also enroll in any new elective courses that meet your home university’s requirements. Special level II language courses are available for students in their second semester.

At DIS Copenhagen, Architecture & Design and Graphic Design programs all have integrated, full-year studio options. If you are a foundations-level student in one of these programs, you can remain at foundations level during your second semester or apply to move up to the advanced studio for your second semester – acceptance is decided by the Program Director.

Full-Year Students: What to Know About Housing

Housing Options

You also have the unique possibility to try out two different housing options (if your home university allows the change), one for each semester. If you enjoy where you live in your first semester, in most cases you can remain there for the second semester. Your housing preferences for the second semester will be discussed once you are a few months into your first semester in Copenhagen, ensuring you have plenty of time to ‘know the ropes’ and feel out what fit would be right for you to request in your second semester.

Note: DIS cannot offer you housing between your two semesters.

How to Spend Your Time Between Semesters

If you attend DIS for the full year, you have a decision to make about how you want to spend your time over your break between semesters. Some past students have chosen to return to their home country and celebrate holidays with friends and family.

Residence Permit

If you are extending from one semester to two in one DIS location or switching cities, DIS will walk you through what you need to do to extend your visa at the time you first start seeking your extension.

  • DIS Copenhagen Students: If you are accepted to study at DIS Copenhagen for the full year at the time of your initial application and registration, you will receive one residence permit for the entire length of your study
  • DIS Stockholm Students: If you are a DIS Stockholm student and wish to study for the full year at DIS Stockholm, please discuss the length of your residence permit with DIS staff at the time of your application.

Note: Visa extensions may require an extra cost.