ReDIScover Tours

Mark your calendars and dust off your suitcase – it’s time to revisit Scandinavia!

Are you a foodie eager to learn about how the rise of Nordic cuisine has been an agent for social change in Denmark? Or perhaps you’re curious about how architecture and urban planning connects a community to the natural environment around it? Curious about how Danish philosopher Søren Kierkegaards wisdom can give us clues to how to live a more meaningful life? Or are you interested in the Danish monarchy’s impact on history as well as current discussions of equality in Europe today?

Whatever your interests – we’ve got some interesting tours in store for you in 2023!


ReDIScover tours run for three days (Monday – Wednesday), allowing you to extend your stay either before or after if you want to visit Scandinavia or Europe for a longer period.

Two themed tours will always occur concurrently during this time. While each tour group will have their own academic content during the day, all afternoon and evening optional activities will be with both tour groups combined, allowing for even more connections to be made between DIS Alumni while on a ReDIScover Copenhagen tour.

September 4-6, 2023

Food and the City: The Rise of Nordic Cuisine

Whether you’re a devoted foodie or simply interested in revisiting the Scandinavian food scene – this tour is for you if you want to learn more about how food can be an important agent of social change!

Architecture in Common: Exploring Recreation and Community in the Harbor, the City and the Forest

Whether you’re an architect by trade and eager to learn more about current design trends in Scandinavia, or simply interested in experiencing how the architecture of Copenhagen has changed in recent times to reflect the growing needs of it’s citizens and the nature surrounding it – this tour is for you!

December 4-6, 2023

Royalty in the Land of Equality: A Time of Transition

Whether you’re a royalist at heart interested in getting behind the scenes of one of Europe’s oldest monarchies or interested in learning more about how Europe’s monarchies are now at a point of transition under the backdrop of democratic societies under pressure – this is the tour for you!

A Sense of Belonging

Whether you’re a philosopher at heart or simply interested in gaining new perspectives from European thinkers on how to live a rich and full life – this tour is for you!

Tour Details

Tour Costs: 1000 USD

Included in the cost:

  • Three days of academic content with DIS faculty who are experts in the field
  • All entrance fees and related costs for academic visits
  • Entrance to Tivoli for the concluding dinner
  • Guided canal tour
  • Guided walking tour
  • Transportation within the city
  • Two receptions, three lunches and two dinners

Items not included and therefore the responsibility of tour participants:

  • Travel to/from Scandinavia
  • Accommodation
  • Cell phone coverage
  • Insurance
  • Visa entry requirements (if relevant)
  • Personal expenses
  • Meals not covered by DIS
  • Transportation to/from the airport


How many people are on a ReDIScover tour?

Each tour has a maximum of 25 participants. If there is wide interest in a tour, DIS will open a second section to allow for more participants.

Can I bring my family? 

ReDIScover tours are open to DIS alumni + 1 guest (18+ years old). Nevertheless, you are welcome to bring your family with you, as each afternoon is open for you to experience the city with your family. Please ensure you have childcare during the day and evenings, as program activities are not designed with children in mind nor does DIS offer childcare.

If you’re interested in DIS offering a family-friendly tour with activities for children and families, please let us know by reaching out to our team for future planning!

What are the physical and health requirements for ReDIScover tours?

All tour participants must be in good health to participate in a tour. There will often be extensive walking (and on some tours, biking), occasionally on uneven surfaces. Any medical conditions needing special assistance must be reported to DIS at the time of reservation. If you have concerns about your ability to participate in a tour, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team to discuss our recommendations.

>> Email the DIS Alumni team

Do I need travel insurance?

All tour participants must have their own travel insurance. This is required, but not covered, by DIS. A travel insurance should cover medical expenses, accidents, theft, and personal liability.

What if I have other questions or ideas for future ReDIScover Tours?

If you have other questions or suggestions for future ReDIScover Tour themes, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

>> Email the DIS Alumni team