International Educators Workshop (IEW)

A Week With DIS

DIS welcomes education abroad professionals, faculty, administrators, academic advisors, and student affairs staff to an International Educators Workshop (IEW) at our DIS Copenhagen and DIS Stockholm location each semester. The next IEW will be held in Spring 2025, as DIS will be hosting the International Educators Conference (IEC) June 10-14, 2024 in lieu of IEWs in 2024.

The IEW is like a mini-semester at DIS, with opportunities to:

  • Discuss key topics in study abroad with other participants, DIS faculty, and staff
  • Attend DIS classes and field studies
  • Meet students and research mentors in our technique-based and research-based labs
  • Experience unique features of both DIS locations to best advise students
  • Review and contribute to the development of DIS curriculum
  • Get a feel for Scandinavian culture and society and get to know the cities
  • Visit and discuss the housing options available to DIS students
  • Visit the new Student Hub, a one-stop-shop for students where all services are centralized
  • Meet with students from your institution and other DIS students
  • Explore collaboration opportunities – custom & faculty-led programs, research, visiting faculty, conference presentations, customized visits, etc.