International Educators Workshop (IEW)

A Week With DIS

DIS welcomes education abroad professionals, faculty, administrators, academic advisors, and student affairs staff to an International Educators Workshop (IEW) at our DIS Copenhagen and/or DIS Stockholm location each semester.

A workshop is like a mini-semester at DIS: attend classes; participate in Field Studies; meet DIS staff, faculty, and students; live with a Homestay; and get to know Danish and Swedish culture and society. Participants may be invited to serve on discussion session panels and are encouraged to indicate areas of expertise in workshop registration.

Upcoming IEW Dates

DIS Copenhagen and Stockholm

  • Spring 2020: March 9 – 13 (registration will open in September 2019)

Upcoming International Educators Conference Dates

In lieu of hosting two IEWs in 2019, DIS will host its International Educators Conference (IEC) in the summer. The IEC is a five-day conference split between DIS Stockholm and Copenhagen. Come celebrate the 60th anniversary of DIS!

  • Summer 2019: June 24-28

You can read more about the differences between IEW and IEC here.