Mission and Commitments

DIS Mission Statement

By inspiring each student’s curiosity and love of learning, DIS fosters academic achievement, intercultural understanding, and development of life skills essential for engaged citizenship.

Our Guiding Principles

Our stance in the world is shaped by our educational ethos, Scandinavian roots, and strong ties to U.S. higher education.

While the world evolves: civil rights, gender equality, racial justice, LGBTQ+ rights, environmental sustainability, personal autonomy, and protecting democracy remain the cornerstones of our beliefs. We boldly stand by these principles.

Our pedagogy and learning communities are shaped by our history and these beliefs. In fulfillment of our mission, this stance is infused in everything we do.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

We believe that diversity in all aspects of the educational environment is necessary for students to reach their full potential, and strive to put diversity, equity, and inclusion at the center of how we define an impactful learning environment.

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Going Greener: Our Sustainability Journey

The climate crisis impacts every person, organization, and industry. At DIS, we have implemented a range of initiatives dedicated to forging a cleaner future. These initiatives not only align with our commitment to environmental responsibility but also position us as leaders in sustainable practice in our field.

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