International Educators Conference

The June 2019 IEC

Thanks to those who joined DIS for the June 2019 International Educators Conference (IEC). The 2019 IEC was a five-day celebration of learning and study abroad. Under the theme For the Love of Learning, IEC participants engaged in and discussed high-impact learning practices, challenges, and cultural aspects that make study abroad in Scandinavia unique. The conference’s approach was one of experiential learning, with a focus on co-creation and critical dialogue between our partners and DIS colleagues in Stockholm and Copenhagen. Throughout the week, the group unpacked five topics in five days and explored them through discussion with experts in the field. The 2019 IEC fell on the 60th anniversary of DIS, and we were thrilled to share this milestone with partners and colleagues as we continue to evolve for educating for the future.

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See you in 2024!

Our next IEC will be in 2024, with details to be released in the year before the conference. In the meantime, we hope to see you at one of our biannual International Educators Workshops (IEW).