Program At-A-Glance

The next DIS International Educators Conference will be held in 2024!

More information about the next IEC will be released in the year before the conference. The below schedule is an overview of the June 2019 IEC. Please keep in mind that the 2024 IEC may follow a different format.

Throughout the June 2019 International Educators Conference (IEC), the group unpacked five topics in five days and explored them through discussion with experts in the field. The conference followed the schedule below:

Sunday, June 23 (Stockholm)

  • Latest arrival to Stockholm

Monday, June 24 (Stockholm)
Theme: Lagom

  • Opening session
  • Field studies led by DIS faculty
  • Evening Midsummer event

Tuesday, June 25 (Sweden)
Theme: Dislocation

  • Study tour from Stockholm to Copenhagen

Wednesday, June 26 (Copenhagen)
Theme: 55°N, 12°E

  • Plenary event
  • Field studies led by DIS faculty
  • Evening on own

Thursday, June 27 (Copenhagen)
Theme: Trust

  • Plenary event
  • Concurrent sessions
  • Hygge Dinners (small group)

Friday, June 28 (Copenhagen)
Theme: Footprints

  • DIS 60th birthday breakfast
  • Concurrent sessions
  • Plenary session
  • Evening concluding event

Saturday, June 29 (Copenhagen)

  • Departure for U.S.