Visiting Your Student

Visiting Your Student

Information on Dates and Breaks

If you plan to visit your son or daughter while they are abroad, we recommend that you plan to visit them after their semester or summer session official ends, or during their free break.

See the following links for calendar information:

There is one official break each semester that all students have simultaneously, however your son or daughter will have one additional week-long break during either Travel Week 1 or Travel Week 2. We recommend that you do not book to visit them during this break until they have confirmed their core course as it will be mandatory for them to travel on one of the travel weeks with their course. This trip is part of their academic course load and they cannot be missed, nor can you meet them at the tour’s location. Students will confirm enrollment in core courses during the registration process pre-departure. Please discuss with your son and daughter after their registration is complete.

Summer students do not have breaks during their summer sessions, so please visit them only before or after the summer session dates.

Where to Stay and Research Advice

Do not expect to stay in your son’s or daughter’s housing when you visit. They can not host overnight visitors. Past parents have reported using the following websites for booking hotels and apartments during their stay:

For information on visiting Copenhagen, try visiting the official city website:, as well as the transportation and dietary resources of our Student Resources section.

For information on Stockholm, start with visiting the official city website:, as well as the transportation and dietary resources within our Student Resources section.