Working at DIS

Join an international workforce with a love of learning.

Our teams are spread across the globe yet remain strongly united in our vision of international education. We are life-long learners, high achievers, and fervent advocates for students and intercultural understanding. Are you our new colleague?

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Office Locations

DIS operates across three offices located in Denmark, Sweden, and the U.S. We are comprised of about 150 staff across these three locations. In Copenhagen and Stockholm combined, we additionally have around 40 full-time faculty members and over 300 part-time faculty members.

Copenhagen, Denmark

DIS Copenhagen is located in the heart of the historic inner city, where Copenhagen’s quaint village-like charm meets its reputation as a trendy, vibrant, capital city. Our location is the same since 1959, with some significant workspace upgrades to meet the demands of the hybrid employee, not least a café exclusively for staff and faculty, newly designed meeting rooms, workstations, and a meditation room – all designed to ignite creativity and foster meaningful connections at work.

Stockholm, Sweden

DIS Stockholm is located in one of the city’s most beautiful neighborhoods, Östermalm, where we share a new and award-winning building with the Swedish Royal College of Music. Modern architectural design meets historic charm in this neighborhood, and staff and faculty enjoy the creative energy of the workplace, heightened by the presence of music students in the building.

Minnesota, USA

The Minnesota office (‘North American Office’) is located in a vibrant neighborhood in St Paul, Minnesota in a renovated historic canning factory. Minnesota has a strong Scandinavian heritage, making it easy to celebrate Swedish and Danish culture stateside. Our Midwest location also allows for accessible travel to our partner institutions that span North America.

A connected workplace

Within each office, we offer a hybrid work approach tailored to individual and team workstyles. As digitalization makes global connection much easier, our tailored workplace approach not only gives employees the flexibility to work hybrid, but we also put significant time and resources into rethinking the way (and places) we work.

Post-Graduate Internships

DIS offers post-graduate internship opportunities across departments in Copenhagen and Stockholm to DIS alumni. An internship at DIS is an excellent way to develop your organization, management, and administrative skills, enhance critical thinking and creative problem-solving skills, and gain hands-on work experience in a dynamic international workplace

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