Sustainable Lifestyle in Scandinavia

Stockholm and Copenhagen both have ambitious climate agendas and a strong commitment to sustainable development.

With its strong focus on sustainable living, Scandinavia is an excellent inspiration for making green choices. The DIS curriculum offers many opportunities to engage with issues of climate and sustainability. We also support students in making sustainable choices outside the classroom, such as using a bike for their local commute, embracing a green lifestyle in DIS housing, and finding alternatives to flying for independent travel.

My reason for going to Scandinavia could have been any endless number of alluring things, but my primary driver for studying here is actually sustainability. The DIS program is recommended by my university and I’ve seen sustainability in action here – in fact, it’s impossible to avoid.

Simran, summer ’21 DIS student

Slow Traveling

Meet DIS Slow Travelers who are exploring Sweden in Denmark slowly and sustainably.

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Student Engagement

With Stockholm being awarded the first-ever European Green Capital, and with Copenhagen’s ambitious goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2025, both cities provide an ideal backdrop for sustainability-focused activities that many DIS students are tapping into.

Thrifting is a favorite pastime activity of many students. Get a glimpse of flea market shopping in Copenhagen in the video above.

In Stockholm, Leaf, Skidmore College, shared his guide to some of the best thrifting places in the city.

Stockholm is the hub of the youth-led climate movement, Fridays for Future, started by environmental activist, Greta Thunberg. Olivia, a DIS student from Carleton College, joined the 2021 October Global Climate Strike and marched alongside thousands of others throughout Stockholm to demand climate action.


Simran, Northeastern University, was in the Sustainable Business Strategy course, and the Renewable Energy Systems course. Read her reflections on sustainability in Scandinavia.


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Zoë, Carleton College, follows a vegan lifestyle and sought out the best vegan eats while abroad. See Zoë´s vegan Copenhagen guide