DIS Copenhagen Curriculum Updates

What’s New at DIS Copenhagen in the Coming Semesters?

We have some new academic updates! The following is an overview of all that is new to our curriculum at DIS Copenhagen through fall 2021.

New Programs & Core Courses at DIS Copenhagen

New – Holocaust & Genocide Program:

New – Finance Program:

New to the Philosophy Program:

Changing Core Courses at DIS Copenhagen

New & Changing Elective Courses at DIS Copenhagen

New DIS Lab Opportunities & More in Research

Students can gain international lab experience or join an engaged community of scholars across various disciplines to collaborate on their research project as a Research Assistant. Enrollment is competitive and requires an additional application during registration with DIS. Some prerequisites may apply.

New Exploration Electives

Students can enroll in one of our brand new 3-credit Exploration Electives, which give them the opportunity to learn first-hand beyond the walls of a classroom and includes travel to another European city – at no extra cost.