Cancellation and Change Fees

Cancellation and Change Fees at DIS

The information contained on this page supersedes any verbal or other written information that anyone may receive regarding this policy. This policy is subject to any applicable refund policies of your home school in the case they are paying any or all DIS fees on your behalf. Note: all fees listed on this page are in U.S. Dollars.

Cancellation Policies

Semester or Summer Session Attendance

The $500 program deposit is non-refundable, whether paid by the school or the student. The DIS Refund Policy is as follows:

  • If you withdraw 31 or more days prior to your Arrival Day*, we will refund 100% of the DIS Comprehensive Tuition and Housing fees, Legal Residence Process Fees, School of Record Fees and Cell Phone Fees
  • If you withdraw 30 or fewer days prior to your Arrival Day*, we will refund 50% of the DIS Comprehensive Tuition and Housing fees as well as School of Record fees. No refund will be issued for Legal Residence Process Fees and Cell Phone Fees
  • If you withdraw on or after your Arrival Day*, no refund will be issued

*NOTE: Your Arrival Day is the published arrival date for your DIS term of attendance. For summer students attending multiple sessions, your Arrival Day is the published arrival date for your first DIS session.

You have the option to appeal when canceling for extenuating circumstances. See the Refund Appeal Form and Refund Appeal Medical Supplement (if relevant) for instructions. Note that the Refund Appeal Form must be submitted within 30 days of cancellation. Please direct any questions about the Refund Appeal process to


If you would like to defer your participation from one term to another, please contact the North American Office to discuss your options. Requests will be managed on a case-by-case basis. You cannot defer to another term to avoid cancelation fees.

Change Policies & Fees

Program or Summer Course

Changes to your primary program/core course or summer course registration within 30 days of the program/session start date will result in a charge of $150. If you opt to change your program/core course after the official arrival day in Copenhagen or Stockholm the fee will be $300. Prior to this, you may change your core course or summer course enrollment at no charge assuming you have permission from DIS to do so and you meet the specific requirements associated with the change. This policy only applies to changing your core course or summer courses and associated study tours, but not to elective course changes.

Independent Housing

The deadline for switching from DIS-arranged housing to self-arranged housing is when the housing form closes in Student Registration for your term. If you wish to switch after this deadline, you must inform DIS via email and a cancelation fee of $100 plus additional direct costs associated with the housing change will be applied.