Health and Safety Information for Your Student

DIS Support and Resources for Your Student

Copenhagen and Stockholm often top international surveys determining quality of life, personal safety, and even the happiness of their citizens. However, incidents do happen when abroad – both in Scandinavia and in greater Europe where your student will be traveling – and your students’ health and safety is one of our top priorities.

Where Health and Safety Information is Available

Before departure, your student will complete an online pre-departure course which includes critical health and safety information. We also have helpful health and safety resources online such as our contingency plan, insurance information, medication information, safety tips, and more. Find the following information available in the Student Resource sections of our websites:

Copenhagen Semester

Stockholm Semester

Summer: Copenhagen and Stockholm

Current City-Specific Health & Safety Emergency Notifications

Should there be an emergency safety announcement relevant to your student while they are abroad, DIS posts all current alerts on the following pages (and updates regularly as news becomes available):

Note that all DIS students are also alerted directly by email should any alert be posted.

Parent Emergency Contact Procedure and Information

If you have heard from your student about a serious health or safety emergency or issue and they have not yet contacted the DIS support staff on site but are capable of doing so, please encourage them to contact the DIS support staff immediately. Staff are available 24 hours a day for on-site emergencies, and the most efficient way for us to get straight to the problem is to hear directly from your student when possible.

If your student is not able to contact us themselves, or you need to contact us directly, you can contact DIS at these numbers:

DIS North American Office

  • During Business Hours (8:30 to 16:30 U.S. Central Daylight Time): (800) 247 3477 or (612) 301-7200
  • After Hours Health and Safety Emergency Phone: (612) 492 1080

DIS Copenhagen Office

  • During Business Hours (9:00 to 17:00 Danish time): +011 45 33 11 01 44
  • After Hours Health and Safety Emergency Phone: +011 45 30 67 10 00

DIS Stockholm Office

  • During Business Hours (10:00 to 17:00 Swedish time): +46 0 10 175 13 13
  • After Hours Health and Safety Emergency Phone
    • If calling from a Swedish number: 072-1412862
    • If calling from an international number: +011 4672-1412862