Working with DIS

Danish Institute for Study Abroad, our history

Thank you for choosing to work with DIS. Below you will find an overview of the nuts and bolts of working with DIS, so that you can walk your students through the process with ease.

North American Office (NAO)

Our staff in Minnesota look forward to working with you! Our team has over 100 years of combined experience at DIS, both on-site and at the NAO. We are on the road and in the office, each of us expert in a certain work area but also cross-trained to advise you on any element of our work together. You can reach out to any of us about any matter, or start by emailing or calling 800-247-3477 and we will connect you with the right person to answer your question.


Interested students should initiate a DIS application here. DIS responds within two business days, sending each qualified student a link to continue the application. At partner institutions, the DIS Enrollment Contact on campus is CCed on these messages in order to stay informed of student interest.

Complete applications are reviewed on a rolling basis according to the DIS Admission Requirements. Several programs and courses typically reach capacity before published application deadlines. Students not meeting all criteria are occasionally considered; please contact Kari Thiel, Director of Enrollment Services ( to discuss an exceptional student’s profile and determine together whether DIS may be an option.

DIS reserves the right to reject an applicant or registrant for any reason. In wait list situations, DIS favors applicants from partner institutions who have an outstanding personal essay, cumulative GPA, and supportive recommendations.


Admitted students are invited via email to register online for their DIS program, courses, and housing preferences; and must also submit supplementary materials. All DIS offerings fill on a first-come, first served basis so it is in students’ best interest to register as soon as possible and we appreciate your help in encouraging students to do so. The Enrollment Contact is CC’ed on admissions notifications as well as on each registration form submitted by your students.

Partner Dashboard

DIS partner institutions have access to a secure page on our website displaying enrollment and contact information for their students from application through their time enrolled at DIS. The DIS Enrollment Contact on your campus, and his/her designees may click here to access the Partner Dashboard. For more information, contact the DIS North American Office.

Health, Safety, and Security

DIS is committed to supporting the health, safety, and security of our students. This process starts before a student arrives on-site with pre-departure advising and resources, and continues throughout the student’s program with DIS. Student health, safety, and security is a consideration in every aspect of the DIS experience, and more information is available on the student health and safety pages for:

As a Danish entity, DIS is not directly controlled by legislation impacting U.S. institutions of higher education. However, DIS is committed to compliance with the intent of the law (including but not limited to FERPA, Title IX, and the Clery Act) to the extent reasonable, and will support the partner institutions’ compliance efforts. DIS will work cooperatively with its partner institutions to resolve any student incidents including health, safety, or disciplinary matters. Please contact Stacey Tsantir, Director of Health and Safety with questions, or to discuss a specific case.


It is important that students consider all available DIS housing options:

Contact the North American Office with any questions, and indicate in registration the preferences that best match their level of independence and desired level of cultural interaction. DIS housing options should not be compared to housing found in the U.S.

Residence Permit

All semester or full-year students need to apply for a Danish Residence Permit, but most can do this after arrival. Most DIS students (including U.S. citizens) are considered ‘visa free’ and can therefore enter Denmark as tourists and apply for a residence permit once in-country. Upon arrival, these students will receive the necessary paperwork and an orientation session to complete the application.

Students from these countries are considered non-visa-free and must obtain a visa in order to enter Denmark, even for short-term study. DIS staff are in direct communication with all non-visa-free students as soon as they register, to advise on next steps.


DIS can customize billing agreements to meet the needs of partner institutions. Please contact the DIS North American Office ( with inquiries.


DIS need-based scholarships are available up to $5,000 per semester and up to $1,000 per summer. In addition, the Anders Uhrskov Leadership Scholarship awards up to $10,000 for one semester student and up to $5,000 for one summer student (minimum 6 weeks). Students may apply at any time – even before being admitted – by submitting a scholarship application.

Academic Reporting & Final Grade Report

Upon arrival in Copenhagen and typically until after the second course meeting, students may drop or add courses if allowed by your institution. The DIS Enrollment Contact on your campus, and his/her designees, may access student enrollment information at any time through the Partner Dashboard (see above). Approximately 30 days after students have returned home, DIS sends official final grade reports to each student’s university plus an unofficial copy directly to each student. Students whose institutions are unable to accept the DIS Final Grade Report as credit may request a University of Minnesota transcript before their departure for Copenhagen or Stockholm; click for more about our School of Record agreement.