Students from Entry Visa-Free Countries


As a DIS student studying abroad in Sweden, you are required to apply for and obtain the necessary documentation to reside in Sweden legally.

The guidelines outlined on this page are relevant to students from Entry Visa-Free countries, including the United States, Canada, the UK, South Korea, and Japan. If your passport nationality is not on this list, you are considered ‘Entry Visa-Free’.

Your Legal Residence Process depends on the passport you enter Sweden on. It is therefore very important to pay attention to your specific process, as it may differ from that of your peers.

Read the information here closely and look out for communications from DIS. We will send you individualized instructions on how to apply for your Swedish Visitor’s Permit. Please be sure to add or whitelist the DIS Student Hub email ( to your ‘safe senders’ or contact list by following these instructions based on your mail provider.

Timeline for Your Legal Residence Process as an Entry Visa-Free Student

Your Legal Residence Process consists of two main steps:

Step #1: Apply for Your Swedish Visitor’s Permit

In the months leading up to your departure, you will receive detailed instructions from DIS on how to apply for your Swedish Visitor’s Permit.

Your Swedish Visitor’s Permit will give you permission to live in Sweden for the time you will be studying with DIS. Once your application is approved, you will receive an approval letter. This is not your actual visa; rather, it is a formal letter indicating you have permission to live in Sweden. Your approval letter will be emailed to you within a few weeks of your departure to Sweden. You must carry it with you as you fly to Europe.

Be sure to turn in your paperwork to DIS by the date we request. If you turn in the paperwork late, your application may not be approved until after your arrival in Sweden – in which case your travel in and around Europe may be restricted.

After you arrive in Sweden, you will be able to proceed with the next step.

Step #2: Submit Biometrics in Stockholm

During your first week in Stockholm, you will be brought to the Migration Agency to submit your biometrics. DIS staff will help you with this process, and you will find out more information in the days leading up to your arrival in Sweden.

Receiving your Residence Permit Card

Approximately six weeks after arrival, you will receive a Swedish Residence Permit Card in the mail. When traveling, you should always carry your passport and Residence Permit Card with you.

What Should I Do Before Departure?

  1. Submit necessary documents for your Swedish Visitor’s Permit application in Student Registration. Log on to Student Registration here
  2. Ensure you have added the Student Hub email ( to your ‘safe senders’ or contact list. Follow these instructions based on your mail provider
  3. As your semester approaches, look out for emails from DIS with important information about your Legal Residence Process