Accessing Money Abroad (Semester)

Information for Admitted and Arriving Students

ATM/Debit Cards in Sweden

DIS recommends that you use a debit/ATM card that is either a Visa or MasterCard during your stay in Sweden.

Taking Your Debit Card Abroad

  • Most shops in Sweden do not accept cards without a four-digit pin code; make sure your debit/ATM card has a four-digit pin code you can use
  • Tell your bank you are traveling abroad and might take money out from various countries – some banks may not be accessed internationally
  • Inquire about the fee per ATM withdraw as well as your daily withdrawal limit, so you can strategize how often you will extract money
  • Foreign cards like Visa and MasterCard are widely accepted in Sweden, but it is still a good idea to have cash on you at all times just in case
  • ATMs (such as ‘Bankomat’) are widely available in Stockholm where you can withdraw Swedish kronor

Credit Cards Abroad

For best results in using a credit card in Sweden, follow these guidelines:

  1. Your card must have a four-digit pin number
  2. If you do plan to bring a credit card, check with your company for fee information on international purchases
  3. DIS highly recommends that you ask your bank for a ‘chip’ credit card
  4. If you use a credit card without a chip, pin, or both, you will need to tell the employee at the cash register that you do not have chip. Some merchants may require chip cards