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Enjoy the freedom of choice

Build your semester by choosing a Core Course from 11 Academic Programs, and pick elective courses to build on your academic focus or explore other disciplines. You also have the choice of four diverse housing options to ensure the best fit for you.

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Engage in high-impact courses

DIS courses challenge you to examine issues from various perspectives. Learn how concepts and issues are perceived, lived, and theorized in Europe; and reflect on the cultural norms and values that shape you.

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Build your knowledge in new settings

Turn Stockholm into your classroom on local Field Studies. Hone your skills in research, labs, or workshops.

Labs and research at DIS

Explore Europe on Study Tour

Travel with your class and faculty on two course-integrated Study Tours in Europe. Visit important sites and meet with local experts who add their perspectives to your knowledge of the field.

Travel on Study Tour

Follow your curiosity with Exploration Electives

Engage in hands-on and interactive Exploration Electives, which include additional international travel at no extra cost.

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Get to know the locals

Live in a Homestay, join a local club or organization, sign up for a Language and Culture course, attend evening seminars, and more.

Engage with the local community

Meet our faculty, who teach what they do

Most DIS faculty work as professionals in the areas they teach, bringing theory to life by sharing real-world expertise and examples in the classroom and giving you access to their networks.

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Join an inclusive student community

Explore, discuss, debate, and reflect in a welcoming and supportive learning environment.

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Seek support when you need it

Our Academic Support and Care Teams are on site to support your personal and academic well-being.

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Learning from professionals at the top of their field has significantly contributed to my personal growth as a student and understanding of the world.”

Reed, Bates College