Taking the Metro

Taking the metro, DIS Stockholm

Stockholm’s T-bana, which is short for Tunnelbana, is not only known for being efficient, but also beautiful! Ninety of the city’s 100 metro stations are decorated with paintings and mosaics – giving Stockholm the title as ‘home to the world’s largest art exhibit.’

The Stockholm Metro system connects the center and areas closer to the center. There are three major lines, all marked by either blue, green, or red. Stockholm’s Central Station, T-Centralen, is a hub for all lines, meaning you can switch over to any line at this station. Metro stations are marked by signs with a blue capital T.

The metro runs from 5am to 1am on weekdays and usually has extended hours on the weekend. It is a safe transportation method, but remember to avoid traveling alone, especially during late hours.

Ride the T-bana with the transportation pass DIS provides you for the semester. More on how to check in at the stations on Understanding Transportation Check-In.