Program Study Tours

Program Study Tours form a central part of your DIS academic experience, as you enroll in one Core Course for the semester which includes two course-integrated Study Tours.

Early in the semester, you delve into your academic focus during Core Course Week, in which you travel on a short Study Tour for three days in Sweden or a neighboring country, combined with a two-day seminar in Stockholm. Later in the semester, you travel again with your Core Course on a week-long Study Tour in Europe.

While on tour, theories learned in the classroom come to life by meeting with professionals and experts in your field who contribute to furthering your understanding of course topics. Study Tours are hands-on and experiential, combining theory with practice, and expose you to additional cultural perspectives. You have the opportunity to visit sites and experts in your field of interest that you may not otherwise have access too.

Note: Participation in these tours is required. Study Tours are integrated into specific Core Courses, meaning you must enroll in that course to go on a specific tour.


Computer Science



Gender & Sexuality Studies

Medical Practice & Policy


Politics & Security


Public Health

Vikings & Power