Comparative Economics: Global Risks and European ResponsesSemester Course

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Markets generate wealth, but there are no guarantees of how. On the international stage, the volatility of markets contributes to many of the key global challenges of our time: climate change, widening inequality, unprecedented waves of migration, financial crises, and increasing unemployment in the wake of digitalization, automation, and AI. In this course, we consider how responses to these challenges differ between European countries, with a focus on the nature and extent of public interventions in the marketplace.


Carin Sjölin

DIS Stockholm Semester Faculty

When not working at DIS, I am finishing my thesis on how the municipal planning monopoly has affected the concentration and competition for Swedish food retail services, a study based on neo-institutional economics. My path here has taken me through writing market reports for Reuters, directing traffic at movie sets, and being a contract manager in the telecom business. I live in Vasastan with my husband and two kids. I would be happy to answer any odd questions you may have about Sweden or recommend a restaurant. With DIS since 2023.

Fairouz Hussien

DIS Stockholm Semester Faculty

PhD student in Business Administration, Dept. of Marketing & Strategy, Stockholm School of Economics, and 2021 recipient of Outstanding Pedagogical Achievement Award. Her research is on regulatory disruptions as market-shaping forces, often situated in the context of the airline industry. Co-founder of the Methods Lab at SSE.  M.Sc. in Management & Organization (track: Strategy & Sustainability), Hanken School of Economics, and recipient of a Best Master’s Thesis Award by the Foundation for Economic Education for my thesis “A multiple case study on employee engagement and retention at startup companies”. B.Sc. in International Business (track: Marketing & Corporate Communication) from Haaga-Helia UAS. With DIS since 2022.