Visiting Host Program

Sign Up for the Visiting Host Program

If you are not living in a Homestay, sign up for the Visiting Host program! You will be matched with a local host, and you take the initiative in meeting up with them throughout the semester. The amount of times you get together is up to you and your hosts – there are no requirements except that you are genuinely interested in building a relationship with your host(s).

DIS Visiting Hosts sign up to participate mainly because they have an interest in learning about another culture and want to share their own. Visiting Hosts may or may not have children, and can be a single parent, a retired couple, families of various ethnicities, a LGBTQIA+ couple, or an individual with a tight-knit extended family.

Once you are admitted to DIS Stockholm, you can apply for the Visiting Host Program before you depart for Stockholm in DIS Student Registration.

I’ve learned so much from my visiting host family about what it’s like to live and grow up in Sweden, and it’s definitely added a whole new layer to everything I’ve learned here overall. I know that I will have a relationship with them even after the semester ends.

– Julianne, University of Connecticut