Independent Housing (Self-Arranged)

If you are considering arranging your own housing during your time abroad, read our policy on independent housing carefully.

You may only arrange your own housing under the following circumstances stated below:

  1. Your home university allows it
  2. If you stay with local relatives or local friends in their house or apartment for the entire duration of the program. DIS considers local engagement to be an essential piece of students’ study abroad experience

Additionally, keep in mind the following:

  • You are not allowed to live with other DIS students in the independent housing option
  • If you choose to opt-out of DIS housing, DIS cannot assist you with rent deposits, legal matters, transportation costs, etc.
  • You are required to provide DIS with your legal independent housing address and phone number prior to your arrival in accordance with the deadlines stated on Student Registration

Independent Housing Fee

When choosing to arrange your own housing, you are still charged a fee that covers Student Affairs support and services. To learn about this fee, titled Student Affairs Inclusions fee, scroll to the bottom of Comprehensive Housing & Student Affairs Inclusions here.

Opting Out of DIS Housing

The deadline to opt out of DIS housing is approximately 2-3 months before the term’s official arrival day. Log in to your Student Registration to find your term’s deadlines.

  • If you wish to opt out of DIS-arranged housing after the deadline has passed, be aware that you will be charged a housing change fee plus any additional associated rent costs. Read about the housing change fee here
  • If you have opted out of DIS housing, DIS will not be able to provide you with housing if your arrangements fall through, once the housing deadline has passed