Religious Communities in Stockholm

Religious Resources

The official religion of Sweden is Lutheran, with 67.5% of the population Lutheran, 4.4% of the population identifying with other Protestant groups, and 8%, Muslim.

If you are interested in practicing your faith while studying in Sweden, we recommend looking into the following communities:

Buddhist Communities

Christian Communities

Hindu Communities

Jewish Communities

Additional Resource:

Through a partnership with KAHAL, you can connect with Jewish students abroad near you, and local communities in Stockholm and around Europe. Get in touch with KAHAL by signing up to get resources on holiday celebrations, Shabbat dinners, and other opportunities. Read more about KAHAL here.

Muslim Communities

Bias Information and Education

Although we hope that you have not experienced a bias-related incident or discrimination, we do know that bias situations can occur within our community and in Stockholm.

DIS takes bias incidents and discrimination very seriously, so we developed a tool for you to inform us about bias-related incidents involving you or another DIS student, whether at DIS or in the public.

Should you encounter situations where you feel discriminated against, e.g. by the police, at a nightlife venue, or elsewhere, find out how to inform DIS here: