Undergraduate Research at DIS Stockholm

Are you academically ambitious, curious to explore a topic in depth, and eager to be a part of a passionate research community?

Apply for a unique Research Assistant opportunity and earn 3 or 6 credits.

Research Assistant: 3 Credits

Join an ongoing research project carried out by a DIS faculty member. As a Research Assistant, you collaborate closely with your mentor. By the end of your semester, you will grasp the complexities of the research process. In some cases, short travel with your mentor to European research institutions may occur. All costs are covered by DIS. Information will be provided before the start of the semester.

3-Credit Research Assistantships are:

Fall 2019

Research Assistant: 6 Credits

Advance your knowledge within the natural and health sciences. Matched with a Stockholm-based research institution and a mentor, you participate in existing research where you develop your clinical and laboratory skills.

Fall 2019:

Access to reproductive technologies, such as IVF, for people living with HIV is an extremely important, but understudied issue. It also raises important issues around overlapping (and sometimes contradictory) policy frameworks at local, national, and European levels.

The Research Assistants survey clinics and interview healthcare providers and patients to understand how individuals make decisions about treatment. I feel that this project has such an exciting applied aspect as we aim to raise awareness of an important public health issue and improve healthcare access in this area.”

Rachel Irwin, Ph.D, Faculty in Public Health