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Research project, elective course at DIS Stockholm
Major Discipline(s)
Elective Course
Fall/Spring semester

If you would like to conduct research while in Sweden, perhaps as part of a project for your home university, you may apply for an Independent Research Project under the guidance of a Swedish faculty supervisor. The project should use Stockholm specifically as a resource. For this option, you must plan your research project the semester before DIS with a professor at your home university who must be willing to communicate with you and your DIS research supervisor while you are abroad.

How to Apply for a Research Project

After you have been accepted to DIS, you will be sent information to register for classes. Login to our registration and:

  • Submit a brief summary of your proposal on the ‘Course Registration’ page
  • Complete the Research Proposal Form and upload it with all supporting materials to the ‘Upload Transcripts/Documents’ page by the deadline
  • Prior to the proposal being accepted, you should register for an alternative 3-credit course, just in case your project is not approved!
  • Your application will be reviewed by the Director of Research and a relevant Program Director/DIS faculty member, as appropriate. If your research project proposal is accepted, you will receive confirmation before the start of the semester
  • If DIS feels your proposal is not achievable during your semester, we will work with you to revise the proposal and/or you will choose a replacement course if you have not already done so