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Research project, elective course at DIS Stockholm
Major Discipline(s)
Elective Course
Fall/Spring semester

If you would like to conduct research while in Sweden – perhaps as part of a project for your home school – you may apply to conduct an Independent Research Project under the guidance of a faculty research mentor in Stockholm. The project should use Sweden, specifically, as a resource. For this option, you must plan your research project the semester before DIS with a professor at your home school who must be willing to communicate with you and your DIS research mentor while you are in Sweden.

How to Apply for a Research Project

After you have been accepted to DIS, you will be sent information to register for classes. Login to our registration and:

  • Submit a brief summary of your proposal on the ‘Course Registration’ page
  • Complete the Research Proposal Form and upload it with all supporting materials to the ‘Upload Transcripts/Documents’ page by the deadline.
  • Prior to the proposal being accepted, you should register for an alternative 3-credit course, just in case your project is not approved!
  • Your application will be reviewed by the DIS Director of Research and a relevant Program Director/DIS faculty member, as appropriate. If your research project proposal is accepted, you will receive confirmation before the start of the semester, so you may drop your additional course.
  • If DIS believes your proposal is not achievable during your semester, we will work with you to revise the proposal and/or you will choose a replacement course if you have not already done so.

Research in Stockholm

You’ll carry out the project in Stockholm, maximizing your use of the Swedish/European environment. You will have regular meetings with your research mentor, but the bulk of your work will be self-directed. Your DIS research mentor will be available to guide you on your methodology and help you find resources to conduct your research locally.

At the end of your semester in Sweden, you’ll have the option of taking your research home to present it or turn it into a thesis, honors project, or senior capstone. If you are planning to use the project when you return to your home campus, you should also speak with your home school professor/advisor about this option before you depart, as there may be specific requirements and approvals you’ll need before you begin your research.