How to Get Around Stockholm

Commuting: A Part of Your European Experience

DIS Stockholm is located in a bustling part of town that is a short distance from many of the city’s great attractions. However, you will still need to commute to your housing, when on Field Studies, to the airport…and to explore the city’s many dynamic neighborhoods! The SL transportation system is efficient, clean, and punctual. It consists of three main modes of transportation that you will use: Commuter Trains (including the Pendeltåg and light rail trains), the metro (T-bana), and bus services.

As a student at DIS Stockholm, you will receive a transportation pass at the beginning semester, which is valid throughout your semester in all zones of the SL transportation system. This pass is included under the Semester Tuition and Fees, and will be administered by DIS staff in the first days of your arrival.

Find more info on navigating Stockholm in this section:

Transportation Route Planning: Online Resources

First and foremost, familiarize yourself with the schedule of your transportation mode of choice and know of the night hours and alternative ways to get to and from, as not all services run around the clock.
If you are going to a new place for the first time, find out which modes of transportation are best to use by plotting your journey on or download the mobile app Travel Planner STHLM Traveling – SL Planner.

Google Maps
Google Maps can be a great option to use for your navigation around the city. It usually works very well and has up-to-date information for public transportation routes in Stockholm.

This real-time transit website and app helps you get from A to B. It contains all private and public transport modes in Greater Stockholm. The app uses all the local data from Swedish transport agencies and is available in English.

There are several other European cities on the app (Rome, Paris, Brussels, Berlin, Copenhagen, to name a few!), making it a good resource while on certain DIS Study Tours and independent travels.