Academic Highlights

All DIS Core Courses and Elective Courses engage you in academic and cultural learning and allow you to pursue your academic goals. However, you can pursue additional academic opportunities that allow you to enrich your study abroad experience even more!

Ways to Enhance Your Academics

  • Make your mark and build your resum√© by pursuing a lab or research abroad
  • Learn first-hand beyond the walls of a classroom with our new Exploration Electives which include travel to another European city at no cost to you!
  • See what exciting hands-on resume building courses DIS Stockholm offers you by searching under the ‘Special Courses’ field on our Course Finder page – you’ll find our full listings practicum, lab, and workshop courses
  • Enroll in a Swedish Language and Culture course to build intercultural competencies, document your reflections, and gain tools to find deeper meaning of Swedish culture and local norms