DIS Housing Placement Process

Matching You with the Best Housing Placement

We would like to make you aware of how DIS decides to place you in your housing:

1. DIS guarantees housing to all students who request, and pay for, DIS-arranged housing

2. Your housing application indicates preferences not a guaranteed spot in that particular option

This is due to some housing options having a higher demand than supply. When applying for housing, you rank the three housing options in order of what you preference. By doing so, DIS can then match you with the best option based on your housing application essay and other registration factors. DIS has experience in assigning you to a housing option that is right for you, as matches are made individually.

Note: You can only apply to one LLC theme.

3. DIS strives to divide you and your classmates from the same home university among various buildings and locations to encourage you to meet new people and engage with that community*

Most students study abroad to have new experiences and meet new people, so this is a main factor of our housing placements. If you come from a home university who has sent a sizable cohort to DIS, this may result in you being placed in your second or third housing preference.

*Note: If you wish to live in a Homestay:

Some hosts open their homes to more than one student at a time and consider it an advantage that the two students know each other already. If you would like to share your Homestay with another DIS student, please make sure to indicate that when in Student Registration and filling out the Homestay Question). Please also make sure to include each others’ names in your essays.

4. Requests to live with a specific roommate or for specific buildings and/or locations will not be honored**

We believe this encourages you to meet new people. DIS will place you in a location where we think you will enjoy living and be successful in engaging with the community. We will make these placements based on the information you provide on your housing registration.

**Note: See #3 to read about the exception to this policy.