Outdoor Adventure Living & Learning Community

This Living & Learning Community is an opportunity to take an active role in engaging yourself in Stockholm through an active outdoor lifestyle and sports.

This is your ideal LLC if you want to meet the challenge of exploring the outdoors while living in a city. Stockholm is unique, as it is a vibrant metropolis located on 14 islands, with fantastic nature just at your doorstep. With the members of the community, you will explore this nature by going on various excursions; running, biking, skiing, and hiking are activities you may do with the group, with the goal of building various outdoor skills and exploring what the concept of ‘outdoor’ really means.

Commitment and Community

Living in the Outdoor LLC means committing yourself to weekly meetings and planning activities that keep you active and connected to Stockholm’s outdoor community.

You will be challenged to build a community that creates a shared identity and values within a study abroad context, one that challenges the way you see your own identity.

Learning Objectives for the Outdoor LLC

  • Engage fully in the Scandinavian lifestyle
  • Build a strong sense of community among members of the community through shared experiences
  • Explore, connect to, and appreciate the natural environment around Stockholm and beyond
  • Organize, plan, and participate in an event that reaches out to the surrounding community
  • Document and share your experiences with your fellow students

Examples of Outdoor LLC Activities (may vary each semester)

  • Discovering Sweden’s nature, specifically in Stockholm and the surrounding area
  • Going on bike trips
  • Camping out over a weekend
  • Joining a local running club
  • Skiing
  • Canoeing
  • Hiking in the Swedish countryside

Meet the Outdoor LLC Coordinator

Niklas Björklund

Niklas is what you would call a multi-sporter! He has been an active outdoor person ever since he was young; he has done everything from soccer to street dance. For the past few years he has been more focused on adventurous sports like downhill longboarding and hiking in the Swedish mountains.

In Stockholm, Niklas has been a part of organizing outdoor events and has a broad network within various fields of outdoor life. This is something he will use to help you gain new connections in the city, while at the same time exploring all that Stockholm has to offer.

In his spare time, Niklas likes to go longboarding, hiking, and biking, but all sorts of sport and movement usually catch his attention. With the Outdoor LLC since 2016.

Cat McIlroy

Cat is a lifelong outdoor enthusiast with a love of nature and has been an active hiker and explorer discovering new trails and adventures in a number of different countries. Originally from Ireland, Cat lived in San Diego, California for many years, and now calls Stockholm home.

After a number of years living in the city, Cat is very much looking forward to continuing to learn about and collectively explore Stockholm with the Outdoor LLC — a wonderful opportunity to introduce DIS students to some of the amazing outdoor activities that Stockholm has to offer. With DIS since 2017.