Infrastructure of Stockholm and DIS

Your first step is to go to your university’s Disability Services Office/Disability Resource Center to discuss your needs and any support they can offer you (including financial) for study abroad.



Daily life at DIS includes navigating Stockholm. Overall, there is some infrastructure to help accommodate individuals with disabilities in the city under Sweden’s Disability Policy – you can read more about this Policy here. General observations to consider:

  • Living and traveling in Europe requires more walking than in most parts of the U.S.
  • Stockholm, as with many other European cities, has a medieval city center with cobblestoned streets and narrow sidewalks. Curb cuts exist throughout Stockholm, but not consistently. Wheelchair ramps are common, though not consistently available
  • There are traffic signals at major crosswalks in Stockholm, many of which have auditory signals.
  • Many buildings, both old and new, have steep stairs. Often newer buildings are equipped with elevators
  • All students have a commute (walking, biking, or by public transit) between housing and class. Find details on public transportation accessibility posted here to understand metro and bus options.

DIS Stockholm Buildings

DIS consists of administrative offices and classrooms, all of the same building shared with a local university.

The main doors into the building are accessible via ramp and with electronic doors. Floors throughout the building include tactile markers and signs include Braille. All parts of DIS Stockholm are accessible by elevator.

Students enrolled in a course that requires learning in spaces outside of DIS should discuss those facilities in detail with DIS.

Other Relevant Information to Consider

Academics and Learning Accommodations

DIS is primarily an academic program and all students must abide by DIS Academic Regulations. Students who receive learning accommodations on their home campus can often receive similar accommodations at DIS.

Consider the following guidelines:

  • Previous students have received accommodations including assistance with note-taking, extra test time, or a reduced credit load
  • Reading technology (including braille printers or captioning) and audio version of course materials are not available, though DIS has successfully had students provide their own or partnered with students and their home schools to find creative solutions to providing access to courses and course materials
  • Swedish Sign Language is similar but not exactly the same as American sign language – read more about Swedish sign language here.

Field Studies and Study Tours

Field Studies in Stockholm and Program Study Tours in Europe are a core part of the academic experience at DIS. Consider the following:

  • Field Studies and Study Tours can be particularly challenging for students with mobility disabilities as they involve travel, tight schedules, and a lot of walking around cities, museums, historical sites, etc.
  • Generally, there are not alternative activities available for those who are not able to participate in any activity while on tour

Housing and Food Services

DIS students have a number of choices for housing and the ability to accommodate specific needs will differ depending on housing preferences.

Consider the following:

  • Housing options are spread throughout the Stockholm area, and all Residential Communities, Living and Learning Communities, and Studentboende have elevators. However, all require a commute via public transportation to DIS
  • Each housing offers different options for access to meals, yet none provides a full meal plan like what students may be used to on their home campus, so students will have to cook, pack, or purchase at least some of their own meals
  • While at DIS, students can utilize the canteen in the building to purchase meals and refreshments if they choose
  • Though DIS has been able to accommodate documented health/disability needs for single rooms, private kitchens, and private bathrooms, our ability to do so is limited by the number of rooms that provide this option