Students from Entry Visa-Required Countries


As a DIS student studying abroad in Sweden, you are required to apply for and obtain the necessary documentation to reside in Sweden legally.

The guidelines outlined on this page are relevant to students from Entry Visa-Required countries, including China, India, Turkey, and Thailand. If your passport nationality is on this list, you are considered ‘Entry Visa-Required’.

Read the information here closely and look out for communications from DIS. We will send you individualized instructions on how to apply for your Swedish Visitor’s Permit.

As an entry visa-required student, you are required to obtain your Swedish Visitor’s Permit prior to departure.

Timeline for Your Legal Residence Process as an Entry Visa-Required Student

Step 1: Submit your Swedish Visitor’s Permit application

In the months leading up to your departure, DIS will send you an application for your Swedish Visitor’s Permit and details on how to apply. You must submit your application by the deadline indicated in this email.

If you will be applying from outside of the U.S., you will apply through the embassy nearest you. Please inform DIS if this is the case when we contact you with your application instructions.

Step 2: Book Your Appointment

After your application has been submitted to the Embassy, it will take about a month before you receive an invitation from the Swedish Migration Agency to book your biometrics appointment. You will then need to email the Swedish Embassy to schedule this appointment.

Step 3: Visit Swedish Embassy in Washington D.C. for your appointment

When going to your appointment at the embassy, the only thing you need to bring with you is your passport and credit/debit card to pay the $15 biometrics fee.

Receiving your Residence Permit

Once your permit is approved, you’ll receive your Swedish Residence Permit card in the mail. You will need it to enter Sweden.

Important: You must submit your application to DIS by the deadline indicated in the email. The entire application process can take up to two months to complete. Contact DIS by calling 800-247-3477 or email if you have questions.