Current DIS Stockholm Health and Safety Notifications

Swedish Politics and Society, elective course at DIS Stockholm

In the event of a world disaster or significant event that has the potential to impact DIS students, updated information will be provided here.


January 23rd, 2019

On the evening of January 22nd, an explosion happened in a Pizzeria in Kista (North of inner-city Stockholm). Explosives might have been used but nobody came to harm. Police are currently investigating the case and no other news has been released at this point. We believe that this as a local incident, which does not pose any threats to our students or the public in general.

All DIS Stockholm students have been notified with this information via email. If there should be any new information released which is relevant for student safety we will reach out to directly again and update this post. At this time, neither the local police, nor the U.S. embassy recommend any increased caution. However, DIS does remind all students of general urban safety guidance.

DIS will continue to monitor the situation.