Advising on Health and Safety

Advising on Health and Safety

Copenhagen and Stockholm often top international surveys determining quality of life, personal safety, and even the happiness of their citizens. However incidents do happen when abroad, and your students will also be traveling in greater Europe, so their health and safety is our primary concern.

Where Health & Safety Information is Available

Pre-departure, your students will receive a handbook with important information for them to review. Prior to departing for DIS, they will receive a Health & Safety online training and survey to ensure that they have reviewed all necessary information. The training includes several tutorial resource videos available on YouTube to your students to refer back to once they arrive. Upon arrival on location, students will be picked up by DIS staff and attend an intensive multi-day Arrivals Workshop that includes material to reference should they need to access our 24-hour emergency services, counseling services, etc.

We also have helpful health and safety resources online such as our contingency plan, insurance information, medication information, safety tips, and more. Find the following information available in the Student Resource sections of our websites:

Copenhagen Semester

Stockholm Semester

Summer: Copenhagen and Stockholm